Upcoming Canon DSLR to Top Nikon D800 and Rival Medium Format in Resolution and Dynamic Range?

Canon Rumors

The Nikon D800 and its 36MP of resolution has sort-of overshadowed Canon’s “lowly” 22MP 5D Mark III in both the resolution and dynamic range department since the cameras were announced earlier this year.  If rumors have it right though, Canon’s response could be a throwdown of both the resolution and dynamic range gauntlet later this year. [Read more…]


Canon 1Ds Mark IV Listing Pops Up on Official Canon Site

Canon 1Ds Mark IV

Canon 1Ds Mark IV on Canon Website

When I first saw this list for extended warranty options showing the Canon 1Ds Mark IV, I figured it was a typo since it’s pretty common to see the 1D Mark IV mistakenly listed as the 1Ds Mark IV (even on some of Canon’s sites).

However, this was actually a separate listing from the 1D Mark IV and the 1Ds Mark III, already in the chart above.  And, the 1Ds Mark IV listing was a different price. [Read more…]

Canon 1D Mark IIn Reviews

The Canon EOS 1D Mark II N features the same 8.2 megapixel CMOS sensor, DIGIC II image processor and 8.5 frames per second shooting speed of its predecessor, the Canon 1D Mark II. The primary changes are a new 2.5″ LCD screen, improved buffering characteristics, new Picture Style image parameters and the ability to write different formats simultaneously to SD and CF cards.


Steve’s Digicams

The bottom line is always image quality, and the Mark II N does not disappoint. Most pro’s will opt to shoot in RAW mode, using software tools to adjust for the desired degree of sharpness, saturation and contrast. But the Mark II also produces high-quality finished JPEG images courtesy of its Picture Styles. While image noise is noticeable at sensitivities over ISO 800, ISO 1600 and 3200 produce quite usable images.

Fred Miranda Forum Users

The major benefit that sets this apart from any other camera… 8.5 FPS. When reading that number, you don’t understand the impact until you actually have it in your hand and you hold down the shutter button… it’s awesome.

Digital Camera Info

Overall, the EOS-1D Mark II n is an excellent tool. Its size, weight, and cost are justified not only by its speed and resolution, but by the fact that it is built to deliver those specs over the course of a long working life.


In a league by itself, the Mark II offers professional photographers extensive customization, excellent photo quality, and market-leading speed.

Digital Outback Photo

The 2.5″ LCD allows clearly a better view on images and histogram data. But overall we think that Canon could improve the organization of their histogram views. In our view the Nikon D2x allows a better inspection on the LCD while using a LCD of about the same size. We would propose to show the histograms as an overlay with both the luminance and the RGB channel histograms. The histograms have to be very bright and also the clipping indicators easy visible. But as said the LCD size is very nice.

PDN Online

I use an EOS 1D Mark II every day and love it and was fully prepared not to like this “N” model although the big LCD screen is obviously a cool touch. After using it under lots of real world conditions, I am convinced this is a significant enough upgrade to be worthwhile for anybody who wants to add a second camera body to their EOS digital system or a shooter who wants to move up from the 20D.

Rob Galbraith

At a glance, the changes in the EOS-1D Mark II N, relative to the camera it replaces, should make what was already a really fine camera that much better. Canon deserves credit for implementing so many refinements to an existing product, some of which will make the camera a better tool for the photographer but which may not automatically help Canon sell more units. In other words, this upgrade to the EOS-1D Mark II seems to be more about adding truly useful features and refinements than it is about adding stuff that can be marketed easily.

Where to Buy

First off, consider going to your local camera store (and I don’t necessarily mean Wolf Camera at the mall). By going to your local camera store, you’re supporting your community and you just might build a lasting relationship with people you can rely on when you need some help or answers. If you’re buying online, I recommend sticking with Amazon, B&H Photo or Adorama. These three vendors are reliable, trustworthy and generally have the best (legitimate) prices. Additionally, purchasing your camera through these links helps support this site.

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