Ritz 10% Off One-Day Sale

Ritz is offering its 10% off sale again for purchasers using Paypal.  It’s only good for New Year’s Eve though.

If you’ve never used Paypal before, it’s simple.  Just select it at checkout and you can sign up for an account and even pay with your usual credit card as well.  I don’t know if Ritz is getting some kickback from Paypal or if it’s just cheaper than credit card fees, but there’s no additional cost to the buyer.

There are a handful of exclusions, which are as follows: “Exclusions: Gift certificates, out of stock items, and backordered products are not eligible for the 10% discount promotion. The following products are not eligible for the 10% discount promotion: The Canon 5D (all configurations), the Nikon D3x (all configurations), the Nikon D3 (all configurations), the Nikon D300 (all configurations), and the Canon EOS 1Ds Mark III (all configurations).”

However, that means the Nikon D700 ($2399 – 10% = $2159), Sony A900 ($2999 – 10% = $2699), Canon 50D w/ 28-135mm IS Lens ($1199 – 10% = $1079) and a ton of other expensive items are open to the discount.

In addition to 10% off, they also offer free shipping for orders over $100 and don’t collect sales tax for Internet orders (even if there is a Ritz brick and mortar in your state).

Click here to see more details on the one-day sale.