Nikon is Disappointed With Its Mirrorless Camera Sales, While the Rest of Us are Disappointed with Nikon Mirrorless Cameras

Nikon 1 J1

In Nikon’s latest financial results, the company revealed that its Nikon 1 series mirrorless camera sales have been less than expected in the US and Europe.

Nikon Imaging president Yasuyuki Okamoto beats around the bush about why the Nikon 1 series isn’t catching on, stating “In Europe and the U.S. the ratio of mirrorless to SLRs hasn’t grown at all, unlike in Asia, where it’s quite popular with women because it’s light. We had higher expectations for other regions. But people who like cameras tend to just go for SLRs, even though they’re very heavy.” (emphasis added).

Or maybe, just maybe . . . people who like and know cameras want a mirrorless camera that offers competing image quality with a SLR. The Nikon 1 series of cameras does not. This is apparently obvious to everyone but Nikon Imaging’s president. [Read more…]