Lights, Camera, Capture Book Now on iPad

Bob Davis’ Lights, Camera, Capture book is now available on iPad with a much more interactive version than you get with your typical ink and paper.

Check out iTunes for a closer look at the iPad version of the book.

You can also order a physical copy of the book from Amazon here.  You can check out the Lights, Camera, Capture book review here as well.


Nikon NF-300i Meets Android, Goes 3D

The Nikon NF-300i is a 7.2-inch digital photo frame that runs on the Android operating system.  The big buzz about the NF-300i is the autostereoscopic screen, which allows you to view 3D images without the need for 3D glasses.

The NF-300i displays are available to my Picturetown 3D members who pony up about 20k yen per year (about $250 USD).  And right now, they are only available in Japan.

[Nikon via Engadget]

White House Photographer Live Q&A This Thursday

Open for Questions with Pete Souza

White House Chief Photographer, Pete Souza, will be doing a live Q&A session this Thursday, October 28 at 7PM ET.   He’ll be responding to questions asked over Flickr and Facebook.

Souza made some history last year by becoming the first photographer to capture a President’s official photo with a digital camera (a Canon 5D Mark II).

More details over at