Ten Photo Assignments to Develop Your Photographic Skill – New Book

Ten Photo Assignments

Ten Photo Assignments is a new book from Amanda Quintenz-Fiedler.  “This book provides real-world assignments that guide prospective photographers to a true understanding and mastery of the craft. Each assignment includes a list of goals, detailed instructions, illustrations, and examples. Individual assignments build on one another, allowing your mastery to grow as the book continues.”

Ten Photo Assignments retails for $19.95; however, it is currently available on Amazon.com for $13.29.  It is also available on the Kindle for only $7.99.

Smith-Victor Fluorescent Light Bank Overview

Smith-Victor FLO-220

The Smith-Victor FLO-220 and its sibling models are affordable, fluorescent lights for video use.  The lights come with built-in barn doors and have custom eggcrate louvers available.  The lights are daylight balanced at 5600K, use flicker-free tubes, and are dimmable down to 1/4-power. [Read more…]