Canon 1-Ups Nikon with 70 Million Lenses in the Wild

Canon Lens Lineup

Just yesterday, Nikon announced 65 million NIKKOR lenses have been produced.  Now, a single day later, Canon announces production of 70 million lenses.  Also, 50 millions EOS DSLRs are out there.  That’s a pretty mild lens-to-camera ratio.

Talk about gamesmanship…

The full press release packed with nostalgia and bragging rights is below. [Read more…]

Quick Portrait Breakdown

Final Portrait

One of the goals of my wife is to have great portraits of each of our children at age 3.  We’ve been pushing our luck with our current 3-year-old, who turns 4 in a couple months.  While we’ve shot tons of images of her this year; however, we’ve not taken that right shot with just the right dress, bow and smile . . . until last weekend. [Read more…]

65 Million Nikon Lenses

Nikon Lenses

There are 65 million NIKKOR lenses in the world.  Nikon announced that it reached the 65 million mark at the beginning of October 2011.  It hit the 60 million mark in March of this year, just a couple of months after Canon did the same. It’s pretty amazing that the two companies are so close in total lens production given the amount of time they’ve been at it.

See the full press release for a little Nikon nostalgia and fun facts below. [Read more…]