Post-PMA Nikon D3 Rumors

Well, I guess we all know now that the Jim Seaholm rumors are bogus. For those of you that didn’t follow that story, you can catch up here on the Pre-PMA Nikon D3 release rumors. Now it seems that a UK based photography site is alleging that the Nikon D3 will be released on July 5, 2007 (whether that’s worldwide or Europe based I don’t know). They give no sources for their info, but it is new info nonetheless. If you don’t follow rumors, fair enough. But if you’re a gadget geek like me and want to know (or think you know) all about the next big thing, then take a look at some of the “possible” specs that they list for the Nikon D3: [Read more...]

What does “Crop Factor” mean?

. . . and why does it matter?  Crop factor is a term used loosely in the DSLR world when referring to lens focal length.  There’s often a lot of confusion and misunderstanding surrounding the term for folks that are new shoppers or users of DSLR cameras.

It’s not so scary folks.  If you want a no nonsense explanation of what it means and why it may be important to you, head on over to Rich Legg’s recent post on the topic.  He explains it for the average Joe and even gives us some photos to illustrate what crop factor does.  What are you waiting for?  GoNow.

Photo Mosaics

Cades Cove Mosaic

I learned something new today. I stumbled upon a mosaic maker. It was pretty simple to do. I upload my image file and the mosaic generator pulls images from flickr to create a mosaic of my original image. I imagine that there are some real copyright problems with this use of the photos from flickr even though the mosaic generator puts a copyright notice on the Image Mosaic Generator site.


That said, you may want to go about creating your mosaic from your own photos. There are several ways to do it. There’s online tools that you can use your own flickr photos with (or any other online photos). Also, take a look at the popular software, Mosaic Creator, at or ArcSoft Photo Montage. Want to learn more about photo mosaics? Start with the wealth of info on Wikipedia.

UPDATED 3/15/07:  See also, Rich Legg’s colored pencil mosaic post.


I’m going to address a debate that there is no clear answer to . . . actually, there is an answer: “It depends.”

Ask a handful of photographers which file format you should shoot with and you’ll get some strong opinions on both sides of the debate. Each side has some good points. The problem with the debate is that some folks with strong opinions believe there is only one way – JPEG or RAW. I tend to think that this depends on each photographer’s particular circumstances. [Read more...]

How to Take Better Photos

2006 WERA Grand National Finals

I see a lot of folks on photography forums or letters written in to photo magazines asking where they should start. It seems like I see roughly the same question every day. Lots of times folks know how to point and shoot with their digital camera but don’t necessarily understand what it takes to make a good photograph. [Read more...]