More Sony Alpha Sightings

Looks like somebody showed up at the Nikon press conference on Thursday with one of the new Sony Alpha cameras. Here’s the pictures that showed up online:

You can follow the discussion regarding this sighting over at I expect we’ll be hearing something from Sony on the new Alphas rather soon.

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The Basics of Photography

DIY Photography has a new series, Back to Basics, underway. The first post in the series is on exposure. If you’re not familiar with the fundamentals of exposure, you should check it out.

Additionally, consider picking up a copy of Understanding Exposure by Bryan Peterson. Bryan Peterson is an excellent teacher. He’s great at breaking down intimidating concepts for the novice and explaining them on your level. The book breaks up exposure into the three fundamental elements that go into properly exposing a photo: aperture; shutter speed; and ISO (or, film speed). This is the book to buy for those who have only ever used a point and shoot camera or who always shoot their SLR on full auto mode (the little green rectangle setting). Simply reading this book will make you a better photographer overnight if you fall into these categories.

If you’ve got a basic handle on these concepts but not sure you really grasp the significance of one or all of them then you should consider adding this book to your library as well. Aside from the technical basics, Bryan teaches you how to look at a scene and capture a creative photo in addition to a properly exposed one.

Before you buy another camera, lens, flash, or any other gear, buy this book if you’re wondering what you should spend you cash on. It’ll be the best $15 you ever spend on your photography gear.

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Nikon D300 and D3 Availability

Rob Galbraith is still in the trenches with Nikon. He reports:

D3 bodies are currently being made at a rate of about 400 per day in Sendai, but this will grow to about 600 per day in September for a planned ongoing production of 12,000 units per month. Assembly of the D300, which takes place at Nikon’s factory in Thailand, will also be in full swing in September, at which time 60,000 units of the midrange digital SLR will emerge each month.

Both the Nikon D3 and D300 are set to ship in November. Stay current on the availability of the new cameras here.

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Olympus SP-560 UZ – 8MP 18x Optical Zoom

New Camera Offers 27mm Wide-Angle Lens, Face Detection, Shadow Adjustment Technology, TruePic III and Other Innovative Features

CENTER VALLEY, Pa., August 23, 2007 – Olympus introduces the new SP-560 Ultra Zoom digital camera, the all-in-one solution for consumers looking for power and versatility for any shooting situation. The compact SP-560 UZ blends ease-of-use with an industry-leading focal range (27mm wide-angle to 18x optical zoom), an 8-megapixel image sensor and the latest technologies to deliver superior image quality and performance.

These new innovative technologies include: [Read more...]