SanDisk 32GB CF Card

B&H has several deals it is promoting this week as part of NAB 2014. A quick hit of some of the highlights below. [click to continue…]


Blackmagic Studio Camera-6

Along with the new URSA production camera, Blackmagic also announced an exciting Studio Camera version of its popular BMCC line. [click to continue…]

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Lightroom mobile for iPad

Adobe has finally launched Lightroom mobile for iPad after teasing the app for the better part of a year. Before we get to the features, some readers will want to know up front that it is only available for Creative Cloud members. If you are part of the Photoshop Photography Program or a full Creative Cloud subscriber, Lightroom mobile is available to you at no additional expense.

Lightroom mobile now allows you to sync your iPad with your Lightroom 5 desktop library. Lightroom mobile uses Smart Previews to allow you to make non-destructive edits on your iPad, which will then sync to your desktop library.

Lightroom mobile requires an iPad 2 or later running iOS 7. You can download it here on the iTunes App Store. Adobe also notes that an iPhone version is coming soon. [click to continue…]


Blackmagic URSA-8

Yesterday, I pondered whether Blackmagic could steal the NAB Show three years in a row. The new URSA 4K production camera is proof positive that they can. [click to continue…]

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8big Rack, 5big and 2big external Thunderbolt 2 drives

LaCie has announced the 8big Rack, 5big and 2big external Thunderbolt 2 drives here at NAB 2014. [click to continue…]


Sony has posted sample footage from the new A7s on YouTube in full 4K resolution. Not that many people have a monitor to view it in full 4K resolution, but it’s there nonetheless. Of course, you can still get a great impression of the camera from the full HD version.