DJI’s Phantom X Concept Video Imagines the Future of Drones

DJI recently released this Phantom X Concept video, which casts a bright vision on the not-so-distant future of drones. From hands-free operation to an almost voyeuristic concept of social followers. It is equal parts inspiring and scary.

As we know, drones are going to be huge in the coming months and years. It’s a massive growth segment in tech right now and is just barely off the ground. So many changes in the past couple of years serve as a signal to just how wide open this market is.

DJI has a massive lead in the market but expect other manufacturers to be on its heels and pushing innovation industry-wide over the next few years.


How to Do Milky Way Exposure Stacking When Auto-Alignment Fails in Photoshop

Photoshop’s automated alignment tools are quite impressive; however, they aren’t perfect. When auto-alignment fails to work the way you need it to, sometimes it just means you have to do the work yourself.

In this video from Ian Norman, he walks us through the process of processing Milky Way astrophotography images by manually aligning them in Photoshop in order to reduce noise and bring out more detail in the images.

If you are looking to improve your astrophotography images, Ian’s videos are worth a watch. Even if you are doing other types of image stacking, you can probably learn a thing or two from Ian’s workflow.

Lightroom 6.3 & CC 2015.3 Update Brings Back Old Import Dialog & More

Lightroom CC 2015.3

Adobe Lightroom 6.3 and Lightroom CC 2015.3 are now available for download. One of the major gripes with the previous update was the a new import dialog. Those gripes have now been rectified with a rollback the old import dialog we all know and love.

The new updates also add camera support for a number of cameras, including: [Read more…]