Red Giant Trapcode Suite 13 Includes Major Updates and New Trapcode Tao


Red Giant recently released its updated Trapcode Suite 13, which includes major updates to Trapcode Particular, Shine and Mir, as well as Trapcode Tao – a new plugin for generating 3D geometries along a path. Trapcode Form, Sound Keys and Starglow also get new features.

Check out the overview of Trapcode Suite 13 in the video below.

More details in the press release below. [Read more…]


Convergent Design Unveils Apollo Portable Multicam Recorder

Convergent Design has announced Apollo, which is a portable HD multicam recorder/switcher that captures up to four simultaneous HD video signals over SDI inputs (one can be HDMI). Additionally, it will record a fifth HD channel of a live switch program feed among the four channels or a quad-split reference view. (Also, some exciting news for Odyssey7Q+ users below). [Read more…]

Casey Neistat: DJI Osmo is Vlogging Camera from the Future

DJI Osmo 15

Unveiled back at CES 2015, the DJI Osmo just went on sale with its integrated 4K camera and 3-axis gimbal for $649.

Vlogger extraordinaire, Casey Neistat, just got his hands on the new DJI Osmo and declares it a vlogging camera from the future. Check out his first impressions as he opens up the box and starts playing with the Osmo in his vlog from today below.

Lots of great points in there and a market I hadn’t considered for the Osmo. In addition to the basic 4K version that Casey talks about, you can buy a version of the Osmo that works with the Zenmuse X5 RAW camera/gimbal for higher-end cinematic productions.

Giving Your Video That Cinematic Look – Why Understanding ISO Is Just as Important as Having the Right Gear


This article on Giving Your Video That Cinematic Look – Why Understanding ISO Is Just as Important as Having the Right Gear is from guest author Corey Benoit

From Still to Motion

Like many, my projects require both still and motion images and are often lacking essential light to simplify the production. Switching between the two, I have found that understanding ISO is equally as important as selecting the right gear for your shoot. This article takes a look at ISO and gear for creating cinematic video in low light situations.

The ISO Myth

Many photographers and videographers think that ISO only affects the overall exposure of the image or the light being received by the sensor, and this is a myth. ISO doesn’t just affect the exposure or the lightness/brightness of an image. It basically destroys the color integrity and accuracy. Your greens will take on a lighter shade and will most likely have noise. Reds turn into more of an orangey kind of red, and blues will typically take on a cyan color. Color pollution is a problem with higher ISO. The color matrix will be polluted the more you push the ISO. Not to mention the damage that is done to the black/gray shades. They are polluted very badly with higher ISO. [Read more…]