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Comodo Orbit-2

One of the cool things about going to trade shows is meeting the people who create products we use. And it’s a bonus when you catch them their first year off of a new product launch that we may or may not know where it’s going. The booths are smaller. The crowds aren’t quite as large. And, you can have some longer, uninterrupted conversations.

This year at NAB 2014, I caught up with Leonard Helmrich, the inventor of the Comodo Orbit. [click to continue…]

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Movi M10 Setup

Magnanimous Media rents camera gear and Movi packages. They have put together a pair of solid tutorial videos the provide a nice intro for the Movi M10.

These videos show how to set up and balance cameras on the Movi M10. Check them out below. [click to continue…]


Manfrotto Pico Clamp

Along with the Nanopole Stand and Snap Tilthead, Manfrotto also launched at NAB 2014 a cool little adapter designed to mount to virtually any r0d-based cinema camera rig. The Pico Clamp will clamp onto any rod with a diameter between 8mm and 15mm (the standard rod size is 15mm). [click to continue…]


Manfrotto LED Lights

Manfotto announced the Spectra 1×1 LED lights earlier this year and had the new units on display at NAB 2014. The Spectra LED fixtures offer a CRI>90 and are flicker free. [click to continue…]


Vegas Pro 13

Sony launched Vegas Pro 13 at NAB 2014 and, today, it is available for download. Vegas Pro 13 offers a number of new features, including: [click to continue…]

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Redrock Micro Remote-7

Redrock Micro showed off how to rig up its microRemote follow focus for the Movi and other handheld electric gimbals at its NAB 2014 booth. [click to continue…]