Ken Burns: “All Story is Manipulation”

“All story is manipulation.”

I love this quote from Ken Burns.

Jean-Luc Godard said “Photography is truth, and cinema is truth 24 times per second.” Ken Burns turns that on its head with his perspective on storytelling, along with his personal inspiration in the stories he chooses to tell.

And it rings so true – even in our photos. We manipulate the audience/viewer based on the story we decide to share – be it a single frame or a feature length production. Regardless of the facts present, we are manipulating those facts based on the facts we choose to include. Whether it is framing, crop, spoken words or something else, our creative vision shapes the stories we tell.

[via John Nack]

FxFactory 4.0 Adds Support for Adobe Premiere Pro

FxFactory 4.0 is now available and adds support for Adobe Premiere Pro.  The plug-in management program has been a great tool for using with FCP X, Motion, FCP 7 and After Effects; however, the one video editing program that I use the most hasn’t been supported and, as a result, I’ve not been able to take advantage of so many cool video plug-ins.  But now it is.

FxFactory 4.0 is a free download and there are a few free plug-ins that are available with it.  Additional plug-ins are available for trial and purchase with integration inside of FxFactory.

You can download FxFactory 4.0 from Noise Industries’ website.

Red Giant and CrumplePop Announce Retrograde and Carousel Plug-ins for FCP X

Red Giant Carousel

Red Giant and CrumplePop have partnered together for a pair of new grading and color effect plug-ins for Final Cut Pro X.

Retrograde offers the ability create the color, grain, and damage of old 8mm and 16mm films by dragging effects from the Effects bin in FCP X. It includes 5 types of 8mm film stock and 5 types of 16mm film stock.  Once applied, you can tweak the settings and customize the look to fit your taste. [Read more...]

Red Giant’s ‘Form 17′ is Multicam Mayhem to Show Off PluralEyes 3

Red Giant’s latest short, Form 17, takes on a 14-page script packed with dialog and shot in one day with multiple cameras and a Tascam DR-100.  This combination made for a massive amount of footage and audio to sync up in post, which Red Giant made short work of thanks to its new PluralEyes 3 audio-syncing software.

If you want a closer look at the BTS after watching the short film above, check out the making of video here on Red Giant’s site.

Watch a 4-Year-Old Tear Up a Mountain Bike Trail with a GoPro on His Head

Videos like this are what makes GoPro and its ilk so awesome.  The 4-year-old (with his dad in the lead) is tackling Hellion at Highland Mountain Bike Park in Maine for his first time and gives us a first person take on his experience.  His audio commentary makes it all the better.

As a mountain biker and dad, this made me smile for the full nine minutes.

[via GoPro on Facebook]