SanDisk Extreme CF 120MBs

SanDisk has a bevy of new 120MB/s CF cards with UDMA Mode 7 compatibility. They range in capacity from 16GB to 128GB, priced from $55 to $300. Check them all out here at B&H Photo.

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SanDisk CFast 2

SanDisk has unveiled the world’s first CFast 2.0 memory card with its new Extreme Pro model that is available in 60GB and 120GB capacities.

The Extreme Pro CFast 2.0 just laid claim to the world’s fastest memory card, with read speeds of up to 450MB/s and write speeds up to 350MB/s, offering up to double the shot speed of today’s fastest cards. [click to continue…]

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SanDisk revealed at Photokina 2012 that it will be pushing toward memory card production on the new CFast2.0 specification memory cards and will not be delevoping XQD cards.

As of today, the only camera to support the XQD memory card format is the Nikon D4.  And while it is a great camera, no doubt, the single high-end model is not enough to push the demand in the market towards XQD as “the other memory card.”

CFast2.0 is a specification from the CompactFlash Association, which also designates the specification for current CF cards and the newer XQD cards.  CFast2.0 specs offer a theoretical performance up to 600MB/s data transfer speeds.

SanDisk is currently sampling new CFast2.0 cards to camera manufacturers to see if they will bite on the new specification in spite of the overwhelming move toward the SD card standard.  Medium format camera maker Phase One has already committed to putting the CFast2.0 cards to work in new cameras due to the higher performance over other card formats.

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SanDisk and Harris Interactive recently conducted a survey asking people about the the importance of their family photo collection, which produced the results shown in the below infographic. [click to continue…]

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SanDisk Extreme Pro 64GB SDXC Card

SanDisk has announced a new 64GB Extreme Pro SDXC UHS-I card to complement the existing line of 8GB to 32GB UHS-I cards announced earlier this year.  With a max write speed of 90MB/s and 95MB/s read speed, the new 64GB UHS-I card blows away the Extreme Pro UHS-I cards that were announced in January, which clocked in at 45MB/s. [click to continue…]

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B&H Photo now has the new SanDisk Extreme Pro UHS-I SD cards in-stock in a variety of sizes.  You can see them all here on B&H.

Additionally, B&H has that massive 128GB Extreme Pro CF card in stock as well – it’s not going to go easy on the wallet though…

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