Samsung NX1 Review at DPReview

Samsung NX1

DPReview has posted its review of the Samsung NX1. For the most part, it is a glowing review.

The 28.2MP backside-illuminate CMOS sensor seems to really set the NX1 apart from other APS-C cameras. Additionally, the 15fps frame rate with autofocus is not just a spec-line to boast about –┬ábut a real, bonafide feature that works as promised. [Read more…]

Samung NX1 Firmware Update ver. 1.20 Released

Samsung NX1

Samsung has released a major firmware update for the new NX1 mirrorless camera. Firmware version 1.20 adds a ton of features and capabilities for shooting video.

Before we get to the update though, here’s a little bit of eye-candy of the Samsung NX1 on a Redrock Micro rig with the Atomos Shogun for 4K capture via the camera’s HDMI output. [Read more…]