Canon 1Ds Mark IV

There are only three certainties in life – death, taxes and rumors of new cameras.  Hence the latest rumor of a Canon 1Ds Mark IV around the corner.  Picked up on the forum via Slashgear.

Rumored specs include:

  • CMOS size 36x24mm
  • 21 megapixels
  • ISO 25-12800 (expandable to ISO 10, 25600, 51200)
  • 69-point AF EAC technology (do not know what this technology) (TTL-AREA-SIR II AF)
  • Flash Sync Mode: 1 / 4000 ESR (X high-speed flash sync?)
  • USB2.0 and external HD transmission
  • 4 to 3 and 16 to 9 on the two show
  • HDMI terminal. External monitor may display LV
  • Continuous rate of 6.8 per second
  • 2 DIGIC 4 processing chips
  • 24fps and 30fps 2 kind of video mode

Also, rumors of two new lenses were included:

  1. The new 100-400L F4.0-5.6 IS
  2. The new 50/F1.4 USM

Credibility?  Unknown.

This is a flyer on its own for now.  Granted, the 5D Mark II really changes the picture for the current 1Ds Mark III, which is in some ways inferior to a camera that is about 1/3 of its price point.  Perhaps this is more of a 1Ds Mark IIIn than a Mark IV given the presence of a 21 megapixel sensor in the rumored specs?

What do you think?


2/10/09: 1D Mark III replacement will not appear at PMA 2009. Read more.

More Big Nikon Teasers – Lenses

I’m starting to get a bad feeling regarding the credibility of this series of “leaks“.  This third “ad” appearing on Nikon Rumors seems to be some edited photos of existing PC lenses (see comments on NR’s post for evidence).  If that’s the case, then this whole series appears to be busted.

Now, let’s go back to the drawing board on Nikon MX and the BIG news.

Continue the conversation here.

Nikon D500 to Replace D300 claims to know that the Nikon D500 will be replacing the Nikon D300 late quarter 1 2009.

Tentatively named Nikon D500 this is a 1.5x crop factor, pro/enthusiast spec camera with weather sealing, liveview, built-in flash and video mode.

Additional specs are claimed to include the following:

  • 15.1 megapixels
  • 24 fps video
  • full manual control in video

No source is cited; however, these specs and release date seem viable.

Stay tuned for the latest when we have it.

Nikon “Big” Ad

Nikon Rumors came up with the above image, which is purportedly from a Nikon ad in Japan.  The Japanese letters are believe to translate as “big”.

I don’t think that’s an MF sensor, which seems a little inconsistent with the previous “Big” and “MX format” rumors.  Although, those two things could be separate I suppose.  If this is legit, it seems like it would be the Nikon 24MP camera that we’ve been hearing about for a while.

What do you think?

Nikon MX Update

New rumors have surfaced over at Nikon Rumors regarding the Nikon MX Format.  Although no sources or specific information has been revealed, NR is reporting that they’ve heard some things through the grapevine about the MX Format’s arrival.

The biggest rumor of the bunch is a possible March 2009 announcement and availability date.  Also news on the sensor development and the shocker that the Leica S2 gave to Nikon’s MX dev team.

Oh yeah, NR says they may have a photo coming soon as well.

New Canon DSLR with 1080P Video

Several rumors have been circulating over the past several weeks that Canon will release a video-capable DSLR near Photokina.  RED recently let us in on its development plans for a DSLR replacement camera.

Yesterday, RED pushed the button a little harder stating:

While (insert code name) is not a replacement for Epic or Scarlet, it is strategically targeted at the DSLR space. As Nikon and Canon release their 720P and 1080P, respectively, DSLRs with video capture… RED has a more advanced view of the future. We look forward to rapidly pushing the “big guys” along in feature sets and capabilities.

[via REDUser forum]

We know the Nikon D90 shoots HD video at 720P.  Either RED is speculating or they know something we don’t about Canon; however, that’s pretty specific points to “speculate” about.  Sounds like somebody knows something to me.

Will the 5D Mark II be the Canon camera with 1080P video capture?

Canon EOS 7D Mockups

UPDATE: The Canon 7D has been officially announced.  Read more on Photography Bay’s Canon 7D Reviews and Resources. Check availability at

Several ad spots for the Canon EOS 7D surfaced around the forums today.  Unfortunately for those of you itching to see what’s next from Canon, they look to be faked mockup ads. Good Photoshop work though if they are fake.

As an aside, I’m not sure why Canon’s tag line would be “Delighting You Always.” (Keep the comments PG.)

A couple more (probably fake) ads after the break which show off the inconsistencies among the ads. [Read more...]

Sony 70-400mm f/4-5.6 G SSM

It looks like the Sony 70-400mm f/4-5.6 G SSM may have slipped out a bit early. The PDF manual  for this new 105-600mm equivalent has surfaced on the web.  Notable in the specs is that the zoom is a twist rather than a push-pull zoom seen on similar super-telephoto zoom lenses like the Canon EF 100-400mm L.

This could be a killer telephoto zoom when matched with the Super SteadyShot IS on Sony Alpha DSLRs.  Check out the full specs below and stay tuned to Photography Bay for the latest on digital cameras and lenses as we approach Photokina 2008.

[via DPR]