Canon EOS 3D & 6D Rumors Continue

Word is on the street that Canon is about to drop a couple of big cameras as a replacement to the heralded EOS 5D.  While we surely expect some kind of new-fangled DSLR to replace the Canon 5D at Photokina 2008, Canon is mum on confirming any of these rumors.  The working names that the rumors fly under are Canon EOS 3D and EOS 6D.  The rumored specs are as follows:

Canon EOS 3D (unknown model name)

[I would actually think these specs fit a 5D Mark II or 6D. -Ed.]

Resolution: 14mp Full Frame
FPS: 5fps
AF: 9 point
ISO: 100-3200
Memory Card: CF & SD
Sealing: Some (40D)
Feature: Live View w/AF
Price: $1999 USD

Canon EOS 6D(unknown model name)

[Likewise, I think these specs are more closely aligned with a “3D” model. -Ed.]

Resolution: 20mp Full Frame (Sounds unbelievable, but true)
FPS: 5fps
AF: 19 point
ISO: 50-6400
Memory Card: CF & SD
Sealing: Yes, Full.
Feature: Live View w/AF
Price: $2999 USD

Remember folks, these are still rumors no matter how reliable others claim them to be.  Expect something from Canon at Photokina for sure, but don’t sell off that 5D until you can replace it with a real camera.  For now, you can keep up with the rumors on the Canon 5D Mark II Rumors page or the Canon 3D Rumors page.



Nikon AF-S 50-150mm f/2.8 G

In the above image found on, the EXIF info in the left panel indicates that the lens used was a Nikon AF-S 50-150mm f/2.8 G lens. That’s all well and good, except there’s no lens with that focal length in Nikon’s current line up.

While I can’t make out all the text, I’m pretty confident on the assessment that this is a Nikon lens, given “G” moniker follow the f/-stop. Although Sigma has a 50-150mm lens, it has a DC moniker, which indicates that it is for cropped-sensor DSLRs only.

The inclusion of a 50-150mm lens in Nikon’s line signals their commitment to the DX sensor format and the alternative to the popular 70-200mm full frame focal length.

Perhaps we’ll see this lens at Nikon’s Photokina 2008 showing. For now, this will remain a rumor.

UPDATE:  Apparently, the Sigma lens appears as a “G” lens Nikon’s software EXIF data.  Why? I don’t know.  But I suppose that a Sigma lens was used for this Nikon ad.  [via]

Sony A900 at Sub-$2000 Price Point

Sony A900The latest and greatest rumors on the Sony A900 put the price point below $2000.  This info comes third-hand through the DP Review forums from a Sony Rep:

He told me that the company had sent out preliminary pricing on the a900 about a month ago to the reps. He said its not nailed down yet but that they are aiming at the sub-$2000 market.

(via)  For more on the coming A900, be sure to check out Photography Bay’s Sony A900 page.

Canon 5D Mark II Book on Amazon

While we’ve seen signs of a Canon 5D Mark II for a while now, Amazon may have given us some insight to the availability of the 5D Mark II.  The Canon EOS 5D Mark II Digital Field Guide by Charlotte K. Lowrie is currently listed on Amazon and is available for pre-order with November 2008 availability.

The product details indicate that it has an ISBN of 0470409509.  Further confirmation can be found on the publisher’s website,, which indicates the book contains 272 pages and over 200 photos from Lowrie.  Of course, the Canon 5D Mark II doesn’t appear on Amazon, so it looks like just a few more bread crumbs for now; however, one has to wander whether Ms. Lowrie has gotten her hands on the new Canon camera to have her new book ready in time for the camera’s release.  To stay on top of the latest rumors, releases and news, bookmark Photography Bay’s Canon 5D Mark II page or subscribe to the RSS Feed.

More Rumors on Nikon D90, D10 & D3x

Earlier this week, Thom Hogan had some more insight on the new releases from Nikon for 2008.  Specifically, he noted on his site that Nikon gave an indication of low projected unit volume in the coming year.  He noted that Nikon’s commentary on this projection was that Nikon would focus on “upper end” cameras this year.  Thom noted futher how this was consistent with the rumors of the Nikon D3x.  Still, Thom notes, that doesn’t rule out the introduction of a Nikon D90 or a mid-level Nikon D10.  Both of these models are certainly higher up the food chain than the Nikon D40/D40x/D60 that have pushed Nikon up in the market over the past year or so.

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Canon Rebel XS / 1000D Specs Surface

UPDATED: The Canon Rebel XS / 1000D has been announced (June 10, 2008)!  Please go to Photography Bay’s Canon Rebel XS/1000D page for more info.

Specifications for the rumored Canon Rebel XS have began to surface online. The rumored specs seem to confirm the replacement of the Rebel XTi/400D. Still no news on release date, but we’ll continue to bank on Photokina. Kamera & Bild is the first place to tout the specs for the new camera, which are supposedly as follows:

  • 10.1 MP CMOS
  • Digic III
  • 7-point AF
  • 3 FPS
  • 2.5″ LCD
  • Live View
  • Similar Menus to the 450D (but more simplified)
  • Weight 540grams
  • Cheap Price

For the latest news and rumors, check out Photography Bay’s Canon Rebel XS / 1000D page.