Nikon PMA Rumors

Thom Hogan has the latest word on Nikon’s PMA offerings.  His thoughts:

Nikon apparently is scheduled to announced new Coolpix models, a DSLR replacement (probably the D40x update), and three new lenses next week . . .

Follow it all on the Nikon D60 and D90 rumors, as well as the PMA Report.

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Nikon Pro Products at PMA

Apparently, Nikon will be dropping some more “pro” caliber products on us at PMA:

More new professional products on the way. Announcements will be made at PMA in Las Vegas, at the start of what will be a very busy year.

(Via Colin Inglis of Nikon UK)

Hmmm?  I wonder if it’s just lenses and whatnot, or if we’ll see the Nikon D3X unveiled?

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Sony A350 Rumor Archive

Ok, we’ve heard the rumors of the Sony A300 and the A900; however, this is the first we’ve heard of the A350. The image below comes from the driver download page for Sonystyle Taiwan. Maybe we’ll be seeing the Sony A300 and A350 in a few days at PMA?

I’m not saying, I’m just saying. Stay tuned for the latest.


Here’s the link. If you want to try it yourself and can’t read Japanese Chinese (ah, the irony – thanks Wilf), 4th character set in the first and second drop-down boxes, 2nd character set in the third box and then you’ll see the product numbers in the fourth box.

Update: Apparently, the A300 and A350 listings have been removed from the menu now.


1/28/08: Leaked photos from of the 14.2 megapixel A350. (Read more)

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Nikon Press Conference January 30th?

The Nikon gearheads have gotten their girlfriends involved now:

My girlfriend works for a radio station in Slovenia and they received an invitation to a press conference on 30th January in Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia.

The invitation states, that 4 new Coolpix series compact cameras will be presented, a new D-SLR camera (a very interesting and technicaly & pricingly superbly positioned D… that replaces the currently available Nikon D…) and three new Nikkor lenses.

So; 4 new Coolpixes, 1 new D-SLR and 3 new Nikkor lenses. It’s clear, the new D-SLR can only replace D40x or D80 and that one of the lenses is to be a kit lens for the new D-SLR camera. The other two lenses are supposed to be two new/redesigned primes.

(via forums)

More on the Nikon D60 and Nikon D90 pages.

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Canon Press Conference January 29th

According to Backfocus (a Spanish site – translated version), Canon Spain has confirmed that a press conference is scheduled for January 29th. Check out the slides below and stay tuned to Photography Bay’s main page and the Canon 450D page for the latest.

I have confirmation from Canon Spain that the forthcoming January 29 will host the presentation of his “Collection of Spring 2008″ which may “touch and try” new products of the company


Thanks for the tip Xart.

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Pentax K20D and K200D Official Images

Official images of the Pentax K20D and K200D are now floating around. It’s only a matter of time before the news becomes official now. These Japanese ads have been leaked onto the net and are now widespread. Stay tuned to the Pentax K20D and K200D page for the latest news updates.

Also, the new lenses are as follows:

  • SMC PENTAX-DA* 200mm F2.8 ED [IF] SDM – 7th February 2008
  • SMC PENTAX-DA* 300mm F4 ED [IF] SDM – end of March 2008
  • SMC PENTAX-DA 35mm F2.8 Macro Limited – middle of March 2008
  • SMC PENTAX-DA 55-300mm F4-5.8 ED – end of March 2008
  • SMC PENTAX-DA 18-55mm F3.5-5.6 AL II – end of February 2008