Canon 450D Accessories on Amazon

Search for Canon 450D on Amazon and you get some results for various accessories. I’ll point these out only because there are a number of other sources reporting on these and I think the emphasis may be misplaced. I don’t think this is an indicator of anything other than vendors trying to capitalize on the rumors building up to the announcement of the Canon 450D (XTi replacement).

As noted, there are several accessories on Amazon that are or have been listed as compatible with the Canon 450D. Previously, I got results for third-party flashes, batteries and other items. However, today, I’m only getting adapter rings in silver and black. Try the Amazon search for yourself and I think you’ll agree that there’s really nothing to be drawn from this hype.

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Canon 3D and 5D Mark II Rumors

This time from a Canon repair center:

He said that as far he could see Canon is thinking soon to produce a pro camera that would include some of the best feature of both 1D series

15.1 MP (full frame)
14 bit
1 Digic III
Iso 100 to 6400(up to 12800)
AF like 1Dmk III
3 fps
3 inch screen
A sort of smaller 1D body,with integrated grip but not rear lcd panel
1 slot flash card

He also spoke about a 5D replacement coming probably after

12.8 MP
14 bit
1 Digic III
iso 100 to 3200 (up to 6400)
Improved 9 point AF
4 fps
3 inch screen
Improved body


Take it with a grain of salt folks. I expect that we’re not going to see the 5D Mark II anytime soon; however, the good old original recipe Canon 5D just keeps getting cheaper. The specs for a potential 3D sound intriguing though.

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Pentax K20D Sample Images

Rumored sample images appeared today in the forums.  See this post on  Here are some thumbnails of the leaked samples, click on each image for the original file that I’ve mirrored for you (Careful though, it’s a 14.5 MP file):

ISO 100


ISO 3200


Stay tuned to the latest info on the Pentax K20D on this page.

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No Canon 5D Mark II at PMA

There will be no Canon 5D replacement at PMA. While this is still a rumor, it comes from a reliable source that has been spot on with Canon announcements in the past. He called the Canon 40D prior to its release and the Canon Rebel XTi prior to its release, along with a summary/suggestion of the specs. With that in mind, I think looking toward Photokina this fall for a 5D replacement will be our best hope. (Source)

That said, I still feel pretty good about banking on a replacement to the Canon Rebel XTi (the 450D) for PMA.

I will keep following the Canon 5D Mark II rumors until it is released; however, unless the tide turns the other way, don’t expect too many more updates in the next week or so on this camera. You can follow the latest Canon 5D Mark II rumors on this post, which I constantly update.

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Nikon D60 Specs

In the same fashion as the prior post on the Pentax K20D and K200D, Let’s Go Digital has a spec page up for the Nikon D60, which is not fully completed, but indicates that the camera will be slotted with 10.2MP.  If the Nikon D60 is news to you, check out this page.

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Pentax K20D and K200D Specs

Does Let’s Go Digital have the scoop on the Pentax K20D and K200D specs?  I don’t know, but they’ve got  spec pages up that don’t have a public link-through yet.  Here’s the important stuff:


  • Resolution 15.10 Mpixel
  • Maximum resolution 4672×3120
  • Minimum resolution 1824×1216
  • Sensor size 23.4×15.6mm
  • Sensor type CMOS
  •  ISO ratings auto, 100 – 6400
  •  Sequence (fps) 3
  •  Video function No
  •  LCD size 2.7-inch
  • LCD resolution (pixels) 230,000
  •  Weight 715g.
  • Sizes (mm) 141.5x101x70


  •  Resolution 10.75 Mpixel
  • Maximum resolution 3872×2592
  • Minimum resolution 2400×1600
  • Sensor size 23.5×15.7mm
  • Sensor type CCD
  •  ISO ratings aut0, 100-1600
  •  Minimum shutter (sec) Bulb+30
  • Maximum shutter (sec) 1/4000
  • Sequence (fps) 2.8
  •  LCD size 2.7-inch
  • LCD resolution (pixels) 230,000
  •  Energy
  • 4x AA
  • Weight 630g.
  • Sizes (mm) 133.5x95x74

Thanks to forum poster kukitos over at DP Review forums for the creative effort and find.  Click the link for a description of the links on Let’s Go Digital. I’ve pulled them up myself and can tell you that they exist as of 7:30 a.m.

Follow the latest on the Pentax K20D and K200D on this post.

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