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I always do my best to attribute the authors and sources of content that I link to here. It really chaps my rusty, however, when people take the content of others. Certainly, fair use is permitted in the blogging/news world. In fact, passing around content is generally encouraged – so long as you link back to your source. As photographers, we are particularly aware of copyright issues and proper attribution.

That said, let me take a moment to point out that has taken it upon itself to copy and paste the content of others with NO attribution whatsoever. Photography Bay’s recent post on the Canon 40D rumors now appears at the top of it’s page. As you can see by reading the post here on Photography Bay, has simply copied and pasted that post with no reference to the original post here.

Unfortunately, the site owner has not even provided a method to contact them via email or comments on the site. As a result, I’m left with no choice but to post this information here. I’m still considering whether to contact the host and issue a DMCA takedown notice, so if you’re reading this, you should do the right thing and create your own content and, when quoting others, properly attribute the authorship of the quoted sources. Given that the site has little original content, I’m not holding my breath.

Rather than link to, which improves the site’s search rankings, I’ll simply provide you with an image of the ripped off post (feel free to copy and paste the address to your browser though):

Now, read Photography Bay’s original post here.

FYI, Whois.Net provides the following info, which I have attempted to contact via email to no avail:

Domain Name: CANON40D.NET

Canon Inc.
Canon40D        (
No 42, Ttrue Ave
Tel. +51.7654321
Fax. +51.7654321

Creation Date: 01-Feb-2007
Expiration Date: 01-Feb-2008

Domain servers in listed order:

UPDATE 5/15/07:  More of the same from another rip-off blog:

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Nikon D3 Due “Around Fall” 2007

Here’s the latest and greatest from the long string of rumors dug up from the forums over at from someone who knows someone in the know:

I was today on a major event from a camera store (big one at VA region), and the Nikon representative that I know was there, also the Canon guy with a Mark III demo.

I teased my Nikon guy friend about the June 1st (Canon III date), and he told me that Nikon will have a BIG answer for that around fall, and will be BIG.

He was the one that gave me some tips around the D200 launch day.

Right, I know. Real solid stuff here. The post author does catch a little flack from the certainty of his prediction. Certain or not, its more for the rumor mill and that’s what we’ve got to deal with until Nikon makes an announcement.

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A History of the Nikon D3

What? How can a camera that doesn’t even exist yet have a history? Good question. However, the Nikon D3 has been floating around the Internet since at least 2003. It’s gathered quite a following and a considerable, ever-changing feature list. Trust me, you want one . . . no, you want two. [Read more...]

Canon 40D Due July ’07

Or, so the latest rumor has it.

This is the lastest in a series of rumors that really dug in September 2006. User Fred Relaix on the Fred Miranda forums reported this afternoon in this forum that:

The Canon retailer in Paris where I bought a lot of stuff just told me that Canon has annonced them the 40D will the there in July. They did not get any details (except it will be an EF-S compatible camera), but they say that the 5D replacement will not ship this year.
For what it is worth…

Another FM user, wimg, bolsters the rumor’s credence and adds a little extra juice to it:

Spoke with 2 Canon reps, over the last 6 weeks or so, and one of the major retailers’ store owners over here.

The 40D is expected in store at the end of June, and at the latest the beginning of July. This is what they said. No specs, though.

Furthermore, the replacement for the 1Ds MkII is expected in September, and at the latest beginning of December.  [see page 4]

Whatever its worth, it’s another rumor for us to chew on. I can’t imagine the marketing from Canon would hold on much longer if it really will be there in July. The coming days will tell.

Finally, to throw a little more fuel on the fire, Peter Bernik over at PMA Rumors reports that he has received the same information from an independent source.

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Nikon D3 (if it comes) Won’t Have a Full Frame Sensor

Nikon “clarified” their full frame policy by stating that Nikon won’t be making a full frame sensor DSLR anytime soon. Translation to Nikon D3 rumor-mongers (*cough, yours truly): If the Nikon D3 comes this year, it’s not gonna have the previously-rumored full frame sensor.

Amateur Photographer has the story on this latest update in the Nikon D3/pro-level DSLR rumor-mill:

Nikon has never ruled out the development of a full-frame digital SLR, but has no immediate launch plans, the company told us during discussions following persistent rumours on AP’s website forum.

Jeremy Gilbert, Nikon’s group marketing manager (pictured), said that if the firm decided to make such a camera it would first need to meet the appropriate quality-to-price ratio. In other words, it would have to be the right quality at a price able to compete in the market. Read more . . . .

No other news on the Nikon D3 or Canon 40D front. As always, I’ll keep you posted when it comes in.

Canon 40D Rumor Update

Nothing solid on the Canon 40D lately. However, this was found in the forums on April 2nd:

OK, I just called my Boston Camera Man to find out what he has heard on this. He talked to the Canon Rep last week, who confirmed that Canon is the most Closed Mouth Company on new stuff coming out. The rep “hinted” that a new 10mp model should be coming out “soon”.

Now to get all you Daddy Big Bucks drooling, he also hinted that Canon has tested a 20mp model.

Credibility? Eh. I think we can all speculate this info ourselves. I’ll let you know when something more solid develops. Question for the day: How much more can the Canon 30D price drop? That’s all for now.

Sony Alpha A10 and More Nikon D3 Rumors

Well, here goes the rumor mill again. Remember the earlier reports about Sony offering a high amateur and pro body? Clearly, Sony gave us some official dirt on that from their PMA release.

Now, we’ve got some unconfirmed details on the specs:

source from SONY at shanghai general office. A10 made in China, will replace the KM A7D, A1 made in Japan(1.0X full frame). the same sensor will sold to Pentax and Nikon soon. Pentax K10D’s upgraded version K10DS or successor K20D may use it…

not 10M not 24M, it is 1.25X, 12M. Anti-shake image sensor.

Found on the Club Snap forums. Take it for what it’s worth. When I dig up more dirt, I’ll pass it along. Also, you can check out another Sony rumor thread over at that’s been cooking since December 2006.
Also, note that the same poster in the thread suggests a May ’07 release for the Nikon D3 rather than the July 5, 2007 release I noted earlier.

Post-PMA Nikon D3 Rumors

Well, I guess we all know now that the Jim Seaholm rumors are bogus. For those of you that didn’t follow that story, you can catch up here on the Pre-PMA Nikon D3 release rumors. Now it seems that a UK based photography site is alleging that the Nikon D3 will be released on July 5, 2007 (whether that’s worldwide or Europe based I don’t know). They give no sources for their info, but it is new info nonetheless. If you don’t follow rumors, fair enough. But if you’re a gadget geek like me and want to know (or think you know) all about the next big thing, then take a look at some of the “possible” specs that they list for the Nikon D3: [Read more...]

Nikon D3 Rumors

Below is a chronology of the rumors leading up to the official announcement.
The Nikon D3 has been rumored for some time now. You can see the history of the rumors in this post. Updates will appear at the bottom of this page by date until something official comes from Nikon.

POST 3/4/07: Now that Canon has had their fun, rumors abound that Nikon will unveil the new D3 tomorrow, March 5. Jim Seaholm gives the personal account of attending a sales rep seminar in LA on Friday, March 2:

Last night I attended a Nikon sales rep seminar in Los Angeles, where Nikon’s D3 was unveiled to an audience consisting of L.A. area Advanced Systems Dealers and myself.

Courtesy of my cousin, who is a salesperson at a major Los Angeles Nikon retailer, I was able to get credentials and attend the 45 minute meeting with him.

All camera cell phones were checked at the door, as we entered the meeting room. The LA sales rep revealed the D3 which was partially wrapped in black gaffers tape so as to disguise key elements of its appearance. For about 30 minutes, the sales rep talked to the assembled audience about Nikon’s latest offering which is to be unveiled on Monday, March 5th at PMA:

Full Frame (no 1.1 crap) – DX mode at 1.5x – High Speed Crop – VERY fast motor drive (can’t remember the number he quoted, but when he fired it, it sounded at least as fast as my F5 on CH. – 18.7 MP – MSRP $7999 – No H and X models anymore, just the one D3 – D2xs will continue to sell. – Dimensions and weight were mentioned, but I don’t remember the minutae. Suffice to say, the camera looked to be roughly the same size as the D2 series.

The camera was fitted with another new release: an undisguised 50mm 1.2G AF-S lens, which looked to be quite large and sturdy. Also mentioned but not present was a 24-120 2.8G AF-S. The rep said no new DX lenses were forthcoming in the near future.

So there you have it. End of rumors. We’ll all see it undisguised on Monday. So relax, its here.



The original post was over at, but they removed the text. The 50mm f/1.2 and 24-120 f/2.8 look tasty too! I still consider this a rumor, but we’ll find out tomorrow. If it’s true, I imagine that some Nikon rep is in a little bit of trouble.

UPDATED: This rumor dispelled and more fuel to the fire – click here for more.

UPDATED 5/1/07: Read the History of the Nikon D3.

UPDATED 5/7/07: More rumors of an announcement “around fall” 2007.

UPDATED 5/13/07: More rumors – Summer announcement.

UPDATED 5/30/07: More rumors of a Summer/June Announcement.

UPDATED 6/8/07: Check out the awesome concept renditions of the Nikon D3x. Cnet has joined in the rumor mill, although I don’t really see anything new that we’ve not already reported here. Also, from the forums:

From a very good inside source. I will not elaborate or name the source.

Expect around August this year an upper end Nikon DSLR – probably with a FF sensor.

UPDATE 6/9/07: There has been a rumor explosion since Norm Olsen’s Nikon D3x Concept Rendition went up yesterday. However, all the posts (some from official news sources) are covering the same stuff that’s been on Photography Bay for a while, some of which is as old as early May. Unfortunately, there is nothing new to the rumor explosion that’s happened over the last 36 hours or so. I’d say this trend will continue for the next few days. As always, I’ll keep you posted if something new crops up on the rumor mill.

UPDATE 6/12/07: There’s a great post over at that shows a number of Nikon D3 fake photos. If you think you’ve seen a photo of the real Nikon D3 (including the one at the top of this post), you haven’t. Check out the growing collection of fakes now.

Additionally, Jeffrey Anderson reports on his discussion with a Nikon Rep regarding the announcement from Nikon of a full frame sensor in the next 40 days.

UPDATE 6/13/07: Check out the marginally more reliable rumors of a June 26 announcement for the Nikon D3. If this is legit, expect the rumor mill to really pick up over the next couple weeks.

UPDATE 6/15/07: Yet another forum poster, Robert Daniels, claims to have the official scoop on the Nikon D3:

My friend who is in the Technical services at MGM Studios contacted me today to say that Nikon Rep was in his offices this afternoon showing off the capabilities of the D3 or D3x. He told me in the past about the D2X prior to it coming out also. ALL YOU NAYSAYERS WILL BE EATING HUMBLE PIE ON THIS ONE!!!! (view the thread here)

Seems like more and more of these unofficially official reports are popping up. While that seems to insinuate that there’s something to these rumors, where are the leaked photos? I mean seriously . . . if there were really Nikon D3′s floating around in possession of Nikon Reps, wouldn’t someone have nabbed a cell phone shot at least?

UPDATE 6/16/07: User 2wheelsup over at Photo Takers Photography Community spoke to a Nikon rep a couple days ago and had this to say:

I asked him if Nikon planned on making any full frame sensors. His reply was “No. Not until we can come up with a costworth way to get light to every pixel placement”. he said something about other full frame digital sensors show the black edges in the corners because they cant get light to them. Which is why they use the 1.5 crop facotor so it essentially cuts it off.

Which begs the question, how much do Nikon reps really know? We’ll see.

6/25/07: Rumors continue to circulate. Thom Hogan has placed another lengthy post on regarding the announcement of the Nikon D3:

With virtually all of Nikon’s pro announcements, there has usually been about a two or three-week early warning due to the press event announcements that go out (kind of difficult to have a major roll-out without inviting the press, and you don’t do that at the last moment if you want 100% attendance of the key influencers). There’s also a longer lead early warning when Nikon Japan does the initial roll-out (in Japan) to the subsidiaries. It appears that the latter has occurred, which is fueling a lot of the speculation, but the former hasn’t, which means it would surprise me if there is an announcement planned in the next couple of weeks, though we’re probably now in the period where each subsidiary is working feverishly on getting roll-out and marketing programs ready. As Jerry Pournelle used to write: Real Soon Now. Read the rest of the post over at . . .

The “local store/Nikon rep” intel rumors also continue to surface, such as this one from the forums on June 22:

i heard it myself today, from my local authorized nikon dealer, who reported to me that the official nikon sales rep told him that the d3 is coming, and “they’re not using the term ‘full-frame.’ they say it’s a 35mm-sized sensor.”

6/26/07: More rumors trickling in from the purported special NPS meeting in Japan. Get the important details here.

6/27/07: Thom Hogan continues to be a wealth of information with regard to the next Nikon (be it a D3 or whatever). In this forum post he discusses the potential for a modular system on the next Nikon pro body (conclusion? unlikely). Additionally, a couple of new photos of the purported Nikon D3x surfaced today in the forums today really stirred the pot.

7/4/07: There have been rumblings for some time now that the Nikon D3 will be announced in conjunction with Nikon’s 90th Anniversary at the end of July. Uncle Vader offers support for this notion from a purported reputable source:

A source with a proven track record today has contacted our newsdesk with news of what most of the Nikon addicts out there have been waiting for and thats news of the professional range new model nikon D3 range will be announced on the 25th July !

Notably, we should “be ready for 2 new jaw dropping features said to put Nikon way above anything its rivals [Canon] currently offer.” (source)

However, I’m sure if it doesn’t appear this month, someone will step in to vow its announcement for August.

7/17/07: Some speculation on what the rumored “revolutionary” feature of the Nikon D3 could be.

7/19/07: Check out this post for a wink and a nod from Nikon regarding the D3x. Additionally, there are some new rumblings about a Nikon D300 that could be in the mix this fall.

7/30/07: Well, since July 25th has now come and gone, we’ve got a new rumor of a August 15th announcement for the Nikon D3. (See Ken Beatty’s comment below on July 30 @ 9:19 a.m.) Ken, on his site, also predicted some Nikon lens releases for July 25th. We missed those . . . so, here’s hoping you’re right on the Nikon D3 rumor.

7/31/07: A rumored confirmation from a Nikon engineer surfaced yesterday.

8/1/07: More rumors of an August announcement – this time, August 25th is the date.

8/7/07: Rumors are really heating up for the August 23-25 time frame.

8/16/07: An ad for the Nikon D3 has surfaced.

8/17/07: More confirmation on August 24th time frame (. . .with the D300 to boot).

8/22/07: Some more rumored specs on the Nikon D3 (16MP) and D300 (12MP) along with rumors of 5 new pro-level AF-S lenses.

It looks like we may see the Nikon D3 and D300 tomorrow via a leak by Popular Science. Stay tuned for more.

New image of the Nikon D3?

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