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Lately, Photography Bay has been dishing out Free Links Friday to give readers the chance to visit other great blogs and read great stories they might have otherwise missed. This week, all bloggers with photography-related blogs will have the opportunity to be featured on Free Links Friday.

So, pick your best post over the past week (or even a bit longer) and, in the comments below, submit the

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For an example, see last Friday’s Free Links post. I will hold all comments in moderation and post them into this week’s Free Links Friday post. Limit one post/article per site.

If you don’t have a blog, you can feel free to submit your favorite photography-related post or article that you’ve read over the past week or so. Just use the same submission format above.


Around the Blogosphere

Here’s some photography-related blogs from around the web that you might be interested in taking a gander at:

ProPhoto Home – blog, forums, news, reviews and more.

The Digital Photography Show – a nice little news and gear blog.

f/1.4 – photographs and musings on photography by Sean Duggan.

RRD Photo Blog – from freelance photography Ryan Dlugosz, “includes details of recent shoots & upcoming events, thoughts on the creative process and how-to articles on photography technique & digital imaging with Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom.”

Photo Buffet – fantastic photos accompanied by scripture and quotes. Again, fantastic photos.


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Updates, The Sloan’s, Canon 7D, Manual Settings and More

In case you didn’t notice, I’ve updated the site a bit. Let me know if you like it and if anything is broken. I checked the usual suspects, but you never can be too sure when you tinker with php. That said, let’s move on to some important topics:

If you haven’t been there in a while, check out the Sloan Photographers again . . . especially the latest from Karina and Jeff’s wedding.

The Canon 7D showed up in a user-created UPC database. I expect this is completely bogus, but I’ll keep an eye out. (via Ken Rockwell)

Strong words . . . . Never use manual settings on your camera.

The secret to cloning people.

Hack – Blogging photos with Lightroom and Flickr.

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Lens Birthdays, Graffiti, New Mac Stuff, Movie Effects and More . . .

Check out the date codes on Canon lenses.

Add some graffiti to your photos with Photoshop.

Mac users, iLife ’08 is available. Oh yeah, there’s also some new iMacs. ;)

Check out 11 Super Awesome Photoshop Movie Effects.

If you want to get real close up on the cheap, learn how to make your own reverse lens mount extension tube.

Photo Tidbits has a thorough review of the Olympus E-510 if you’ve got a few minutes.

Check out 11 Surefire Tips for Improving You Landscape Photography.

More Photoshop – make a zombie!

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Licensing Photographs, Stock Photography, Photoshop, and the Groovy New Photosynth

Yet another example of Photoshop retouching working magic on some otherwise average photos.

A practical lesson on license management and copyright of your photos.

Check out 8 Microstock Websites and What the #&!! is Microstock Anyway. While you’re at it, get some insight into by Rich Legg.

Photosynth looks like an awesome new tool. Chalk one up for Microsoft acquisitions.

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