Poll: DSLR Movie Mode

This week’s poll relates to Photography Bay’s recent article covering the DSLR Movie Mode Patent Application.  If you’ve not read the interesting technological developments, you should check it out.

We’ve seen and heard several responses from around the web expressing both joy and disdain for such a feature.  Let’s see how those numbers shake out in the poll below.  If you’ve got any additional thoughts on why you do or don’t want a movie mode on DSLRs then sound off in the comments below.


New DSLR Poll Results

Poll - New DSLR

Last week, Photography Bay asked which new DSLR you’re buying.  After over 1800 responses, it appears that the new offerings from Pentax/Samsung are the most popular among Photography Bay readers, capturing about 66% of the total votes.  Additionally, 8% of responders don’t intend to purchase on of these new-fangled cameras and 6% still shoot film.

Take a look at all the numbers on the original post.  (Click “view results” at the bottom of the poll)

New DSLR for You?

Got additional commentary? Sound off in the comments below.