Meet Our New Mascot, Hank


This weekend, we welcomed Hank aboard as the new Photography Bay mascot. As we were talking about names, I suggested that his full name should be Henri Cartier-Bresson but my superior vetoed that one and we settled on Hank as a name. [Read more…]


Google Reader Dies This Week. What You Can Do to Keep Your Feed Coming…

Google Reader

For those of you who access Photography Bay via Google Reader, things are going to change on June 30, which is when Google is officially killing off Google Reader.

I’ve used Google Reader for years and was very sad to hear this news. However, there are some other options out there.

One of the best is Feedly, which is what I switched to. You can migrate your Google Reader account directly to Feedly with little more than a login. Feedly keeps your organization pretty close to the same and works much like Google Reader.

If you’re tired of dealing with RSS feeds, you can keep up with the latest stuff on our Facebook or Twitter accounts. Additionally, you can subscribe via email to have posts delivered directly to your email.

If you have another RSS reader that you prefer to use over Google, you can get Photography Bay’s feed URL here.

PhotoTips Podcast This Week: We Talk About New and Rumored Cameras

I sat down with Jimmy Beltz over at PhotoTips earlier this week as part of his weekly podcast series. We talked about my recent trip to CES 2013 and some of the new gear that was shown there.

Jimmy and I also talked about what might be happening with upcoming cameras from Canon and Nikon, as well as a little bit of my backstory with Photography Bay. If you make it through all 45 minutes of my Tennessee accent, kudos to you. Show notes for the stuff we talked about are here at PhotoTips.

You can check out other episodes of the PhotoTips podcast here.

Model Cameron Russell on the Power of Image

Cameron Russell

We hear so much noise in the media about fashion photography and the use (overuse?) of Photoshop. However, as model Cameron Russell notes in her TED talk below, there’s so much more than Photoshop that goes into the construction of fashion photography.

Beyond that though, Russell digs into the power of image and how it has affected her life and the lives others who don’t necessarily look like the typical runway model.

Check out the video below. [Read more…]