Nikon D5000 Pre-Order Availability

Several online retailers are now taking pre-orders for the Nikon D5000.  Here’s quick rundown:

Nikon D5000 (body only) – (sign up for notification only)

Nikon D5000 w/ 18-55mm VR lens

Ritz Camera

Nikon D5000 (body only)

Nikon D5000 w/ 18-55mm VR lens

Wolf Camera

Nikon D5000 (body only)

Nikon D5000 w/ 18-55mm VR lens

Camera World

Nikon D5000 (body only)

Nikon D5000 w/ 18-55mm VR lens


Nikon D5000 Announced

The oft-rumored and poorly kept secret Nikon D5000 has finally been revealed by Nikon.  The final camera is basically what was expected by the numerous rumor-mongers out there.  The Nikon D5000 features 12.3 megapixels, a 2.7″ articulating LCD and, of course, HD video capture.

Check availability of the Nikon D5000 at

Nikon D5000 Key Features

  • 12.3 megapixels
  • ISO 100-6400
  • HD video capture
  • 11-point autofocus
  • 100,000-cycle shutter

To see more details (including the official press release) and images of the Nikon D5000, visit Photography Bay’s Nikon D5000 Reviews and Resources.

Nikon AF-S 10-24MM F/3.5-4.5G ED DX Lens

The Nikon AF-S 10-24MM F/3.5-4.5G ED DX lens is a new, wide angle lens for Nikon crop-sensor DSLRs – hence the DX designation in the lens name. The 10-24mm lens has 35mm focal length equivalent of 15-36mm. It will be available in May 2009 for a retail price of $899.95.

More details in the press release below. [Read more…]

Nikon D60 Replacement Has a Flip Screen LCD?

UPDATE 4/14/09:  The Nikon D5000 is official and, yes, it has a flip-screen LCD.  Details here.

According to this forums post (you’ll have to look past the pop-up ads), someone nabbed this shot of what appears to be a Nikon D60-sized DSLR with a flip screen LCD.  You can even seen the Nikon label upside down on the panel’s LCD.

Something Awful forum member indyjb got the shot and claims that it comes from a commercial shoot “somewhere in Eastern Europe.”  indyjb also claims to have plenty more pics of the mystery-DSLR as well.  He says:

Correct me if I’m wrong, but as far as I know there is not a Nikon DSLR with a flip screen.

I have more and better pictures if people are interested.

We’re interested. Please, do share.

[Thanks to the eagle-eyed reader that sent this in.]

Nikon D400 Coming April 14th-ish?

Several dates have recently surfaced regarding the release of the Nikon D400, which everyone thought would appear at PMA.  With Canon’s announcement of the Rebel T1i out of the way, many expect Nikon’s D400 news to be imminent.  The consensus appears to be April 14th as the date Nikon has invited certain publications to a press conferences.

Additional speculation suggests that it may not be the D400 that arrives, but rather a D40/D60 line of camera that is introduced.  Of course, Nikon could drop a couple of new models like they did with the D3/D300 combo.

Nikon Rumors put together a translated version of a press invite, which suggests multiple products released on April 14.

Nikon Launches New Products in Spring!

Dear xxxxx,

Nikon is pleased to offer you its exclusive new product highlights to be able to imagine.
On this occasion, Nikon Austria you would like to cordially invite a press breakfast.
In good tradition, the breakfast at the Hotel Sacher again instead.

Date: Tuesday, 14 April 2009
in: Hotel Sacher
1010 Vienna, Philharmonikerstrasse 4
at: 09:30 clock

Following the presentation is available from Nikon happy to take questions from you and looks forward to a stimulating exchange of information.
We look forward to your visit and ask for your response to Mr. xxxxx,
Yours sincerely,

[via nikonrumors]

For the latest news and rumors, stay tuned to Photography Bay’s Nikon D400 page. Also, keep up with the Nikon D65 rumors.