What D3x?

Second hand, but from Nikon?  Read between the lines:

Nikon USA is a client of mine (if you can believe that). When I first heard the rumors way early this year, I sat with the head of all sales (international), looked him straight in the eyes and said….I want a D3x. The guy just smiled. Looked around at the other execs, looked back at me and said “what d3x”.

by Stuart Photography member at 8:09 a.m.

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Nikon D3 – July 25?

Another firm date (*yawn).

There have been rumblings for some time now that the Nikon D3 will be announced in conjunction with Nikon’s 90th Anniversary at the end of July.  Uncle Vader offers support for this notion from a purported reputable source:

A source with a proven track record today has contacted our newsdesk with news of what most of the Nikon addicts out there have been waiting for and thats news of the professional range new model nikon D3 range will be announced on the 25th July !

Notably, we should “be ready for 2 new jaw dropping features said to put Nikon way above anything its rivals [Canon] currently offer.”  (source)

However, I’m sure if it doesn’t appear this month, someone will step in to vow its announcement for August.

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More Nikon D3 Photos Surface

Fake 1

Originally uploaded by paulshkodrani.

A posting of a couple photos in the DPReview.com forums really stirred the pot today. Some are convinced that the photos are the real deal and that the Nikon D3 is finally upon us. Others, however, remain skeptical (or downright rebellious) of the authenticity of the shots. Regardless, the rumor mill seems to be picking up steam again.

You can read the ongoing debate and view the other photos of the purported D3 on the DPReview.com forums here.

As always, I’ll keep you posted on the latest and greatest on the Nikon D3 rumor mill.

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More Nikon D3 News

Here’s a couple o’ snippets from the rumor world (i.e., DPReview.com forums):

Actually met with the guy today. Got quite a lot more info, so perhaps his tight lips before was ’cause someone else was in the room when I was on the phone.

HERE’S WHAT I KNOW after my chat today:

The product is definitely a new professional DSLR

It is hardware final. Firmware is under testing and still in flux.

Production is scheduled to begin in July, in Japan, at a rate of 8-10,000 per month.

It has a revolutionary feature. I don’t know what it is, nor do I know whether it is revolutionary ‘across the board’ or just for Nikon.

It WILL NOT be announced this month.

It will be announced and demonstrated internally at Nikon Japan around the 10th of July.

It will now be publicly announced around late July/early August.

It will still be available for purchase late August.


Model name


‘The Feature’



And Thom Hogan chimed in as well:

stupormundi wrote:

> Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t that a really high production

> volume for a Pro-Camera?

Yes and no. The initial D2x quantity was 25k/mo according to Nikon (though it’s unclear whether or not that included built-up inventory that was released to shipment as well as the current production). Long-term production of the high-end pro models has generally been modest in number (1k-10k, depending upon the model).

Given the product Nikon is going to announce (remember, I used the words “big surprise” way back at the start of this year ;~), I’d say that 10k/mo is too low a volume to satisfy demand in 2007. And if the reports of hardware design freeze and initial production has begun with an August launch are true, that would mean that there would still be fewer D3 available at launch than D2x units were available at its launch.

Keep in mind that this comes from the former postings about a special NPS event in Japan that went up last month:

Just heard from a very reliable [ie, he has never been wrong] senior Nikon employee that Nikon are hosting a “pro product” prerelease information and demo session in Japan in the 2nd week of June 07. He will be there along with other worldwide Nikon-agency NPS managers, and Nikon in-house NPS managers. Invite only.

He would not tell me whether the product was lenses or body or both, just that it’s pro.

Unknown announcement date, ~August ship.

So, maybe we won’t see an announcement this week, eh? Keep tabs on the latest Nikon D3 developments here.

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Nikon D3 . . . June 26?

Engadget is reporting that they were contacted after the onslaught of rumors appeared on the web by a “photo editor at a major newspaper” with some inside info on the Nikon D3 (or whatever it will be called), state that:

[he] has tipped us on a phone call he received from Nikon in which his presence was requested at a meeting where a “new professional camera that is leaps and bounds better than anything Canon is offering” would be showcased.

Those are some pretty big words coming from a source that is presumably more reliable that what we’ve seen in the forums over the past few months.  I guess will know in a little less than two weeks.

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Nikon Reps and the Nikon D3 . . . the Plot Thickens

Yet another DPReview.com forum poster, Jeffrey Anderson, has revealed more info on the Nikon D3 today.  Apparently, he was in a Ritz Camera store in Studio City when a Nikon Rep was discussing the future almost-full-frame sensor.  His account:

I spoke to the representative and asked him when we could expect the announcement and he said about 45 days. 

What I heard was that Nikon has 1.0 and 1.1 in testing.

We’ll see.

When pressed for details on the issue, the poster revealed more:

Studio City, Ritz Camera, Don’t know his name, black hair

I’m only conveying what others have heard reps or supposed reps say at the camera stores. I overheard him talking to the salesmen and then entered the conversation.

A salesman asked why 1.1 and the rep said it was because of light fall off, edge softness, etc.

And perhaps some of the most sensible info was posted in response to Mr. Anderson’s rumor:

if Nikon knew who this person is, they’d fire them. Nikon does not “leak” information through “reps” … they only announce information when they have something REAL to move into stores.

as a matter of fact, they dump different information to different groups, and when erroneous announcements are leaking, the know where it came from.

do people REALLY think Nikon allows pre-sale information to be leaked through some rep?

Interesting?  Yes.  Groundbreaking?  No.  Let’s not get ahead of ourselves, lest we go overboard like we did with the Jim Seaholm rumor from PMA.

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Nikon D300 Coming Too?

We’ve all been busy with the Nikon D3, or whatever it’ll be called. A DPReview.com forum poster is throwing around some Nikon D300 rumors now:

I believe [the Nikon] D300 will be there sooner than some might think. Got the info trough the shop I often buy from…

A weak rumor, but a rumor nonetheless. We’ll see if the D300 starts to heat up the rumor mill in the near future…

For now, see more dirt here.

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Pentax “Knows” About Nikon’s D3

As you probably know by now, there’s been a rumor explosion over the past few days on the Nikon D3. Unfortunately, the rumors being reported as “hot” have been around for a couple of weeks and up to a month or so in some cases. Just check Google News for nikon d3 to see a sample, let alone the blog searches.

The one new nugget of info in all of this comes from PentaxLife. A poster in the forums section, Benjamin Kanarek, had this to say:

It seems that the “Rumors” about an 18.7 mega pixel Nikon with a 1.1 sensor seem to be known to the people at Pentax. When I brought up the new Nikon they weren’t at all surprised and said “Yes, a 1.1 sensor of 18.7 mega pixels…”

Take it for what ever that is worth. The implications could be interesting.


That’s the only thing that’s truly new in all that I’ve seen on the blog and news wires over the past several days. As always, I’ll keep you posted when something new hits the fan.

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Over the past several months we’ve really seen the Nikon D3 rumors heating up. While we know that they go back to 2003 or so, PMA really stirred the pot this year with the now infamous Jim Seaholm rumor.

I’m not reporting any further rumors today. In fact, it’s been rather quiet on the rumor mill this week. Hmm….does that mean something? ;)

I just wanted to pass along some impressive renditions of Norm Olsen’s Nikon D3x Concept. Norm originally posted these shots in the forums over at DPReview.com. Someone actually suggested to Norm that these we’ll end up as the next “leaked” evidence for the D3. I contacted Norm to see if he would allow me to feature these concept renditions here. I thought it would be cool to feature these renditions here for a couple of reasons.

First, as much as I love a good rumor or two, if I can track down something bogus and keep it from propagating more rumors, then all the better. Second, and perhaps more importantly, I think Norm’s work here is really cool. He has obviously spent a lot of time making this look great. Norm’s disclaimer:

I am a digital graphic artist coming from a decade-long run in the electronic gaming industry. I never worked for Nikon, nor am I some top secret tester having possession of any D3 prototypes.


I really dig this LCD screen. I think it’s got a lot of great potential. I’m really big on getting info quick and clear. I think Norm’s onto something here.

Here, we get a glimpse into the amount of detail and effort that went into this impressive rendition.

Norm welcomes any feedback. Feel free to comment here or join the forum discussion over at DPReview.com.

Finally, do Norm and the rest of us a favor. If you see these shots accompanying some rumor mill on the Nikon D3, let us know. In the mean time, dream on.

UPDATE 6/8/07: Just when I thought things were quiet this week, Norm’s renderings found there way into the rumor mill. Also, you can find them on Cnet (with the disclosure that they really are fictitious renderings).

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