Sony A900 at Photo Imaging Expo

Sony’s new flagship A900 showed up at Photo Imaging Expo 2008 in Japan this week. (Coverage from Significantly, this looks like a more polished sample than the previous mockups that we’ve seen.

There are several other features that are accessible from buttons and switches on the camera body. Some of these cool features include:

  • two scroll wheels (one for the thumb, one for the index finger)
  • dedicated ISO button
  • dedicate White Balance button
  • metering mode selection switch
  • slow sync button
  • no articulating LCD screen

It looks like Sony has really packed in quick customization for photographers without having to dig through menus. I’m looking forward to see how all these features work together in real world application. However, I’ll have to say I’m rather disappointed that the screen doesn’t articulate after getting hooked on the Sony A350 a couple of weeks ago.

According to a Sony representative at PIE, the A900 will be released in August or September at Photokina or IFA.


Confessions of a Ritz Camera Salesperson

The Consumerist has an interesting post, which details 10 Confessions of a Ritz Camera Salesperson.  The most alarming “confession” was the practice of selling demo cameras as new:

Demo Cameras– We sell them to you and you don’t even know it. Everyone’s grubby hands have probably been on your camera. It’s probably been dropped at some point, not to mention the boxes we get shipments in from UPS look like they’ve been kicked all the way from the home office to our store. We sell demo cameras at no discount, we just clean them up and put them in a box. Then we are told to lie to you and tell you it’s brand new.

I really hope this is not a company practice; however, it is disturbing regardless of how widespread it is.  What kind of experiences have you had with Ritz?  Any other salespersons or representives from Ritz care to chime in on this one?

Canon PowerShot SD890 IS, SD790 IS and SD770 IS Digital ELPH Cameras

Canon has announced three new PowerShot point & shoot cameras.  The SD890 IS features a 10 megapixel sensor, 5x optical zoom, 2.5-inch display and a sub 1-inch macro mode.  The  SD790 IS and SD770 IS both feature a 10 megapixel sensor and 3x optical zoom.  The cameras are priced top to bottom at $399.99, $349.99 and $299.99 and will be available around early April. [Read more…]

Sony DIME Press Event – Foam City, Miami

Sony DIME in Miami

Last weekend, Sony DIME (Digital Imaging Europe) held a press event in Miami, Florida in conjunction with the evolution of its popular advertising campaign. Specifically, Sony wanted to build on the scale and stature presented in the iconic Bravia commercials, which, according to Sony, display colour


Sony sent 250,000 bouncy balls down the streets of San Francisco:


Sony exploded 70,000 liters of paint in Glasgow:


Sony unleashed 2.5 tons of Play-Doh bunnies on New York:


So, how is Sony planning to up the ante of its experience in 2008? [Read more…]