DSLRs Banned in Kuwait

The Kuwait Times reports that Kuwait has banned the use of DSLRs in public places.  In the article, the Kuwait Times notes that the only exception for public DSLR use would be journalism purposes.

The article seems to imply that DSLRs make people feel uncomfortable, pointing out that amateur photographers in Kuwait have completely changed how they use cameras because of the poor reception to public use.  One photographer “decided to take photos of animals or still life due to the fact that these subjects don’t mind having their picture taken and don’t make a scene. ‘I started facing problems the very first day I bought my camera,’ [the photographer] added.”

Even with the assorted issues related to photography in the US, I’m thankful to have the liberties that we do have, and I’m glad I can walk around in public without being charged with a crime for using a DSLR.

UPDATE: Kuwait Times has issued a retraction of its story.

[via Kuwait Times]

“We Are All Fanatics” Exhibition at Levi’s Photo Workshop This Week

Image Credit: We Are All Fanatics Exhibition (Richard Kern for Vice)

Those of you in or around NYC this weekend should take the time to check out Levi’s Photo Workshop.  On Sunday, November 7, they’re kicking off a week-long celebration of sports through the lens of photography.

Sunday night, Steve Little and Efren Ramirez, stars of Eastbound & Downtown, will join in the celebration and introduce the season finale of the show with a special live screening.

If you aren’t familiar with the Levi’s Photo Workshop yet…

“The Levi’s® Photo Workshop is a temporary public facility that features a professional-grade production studio, vintage camera rental, digital design stations, exciting printing equipment, and a shop full of bits and bobs to keep you shooting in style. Although there are some important local pioneers collaborating here, these resources are really for everyone.” -Levi’s

Levi’s Photo Workshop is at 18 Wooster Street between Canal and Grand.

Check out the full details on the We Are All Fanatics Exhibition below. [Read more...]

Firmware Friday: Olympus Lenses, Panasonic Micro 4/3, Nikon P90 [Day Late Edition]

Camera Firmware Update

Below you will find this week’s firmware updates.  Hit the manufacturer website links for more details and download instructions for the firmware.

Olympus Zuiko Digital ED 12-60mm f/2.8-4 SWD version 1.2 – “Improved sequential shooting speed with the E-5 cameras.” [Olympus Website]

Olympus Zuiko Digital ED 14-35mm f/2 SWD version 1.1 – “Improved sequential shooting speed with the E-5 cameras.Effective with other Four Thirds cameras also.” [Olympus Website]

Olympus Zuiko Digital ED 50-200mm f/2.8-3.5 SWD version 1.1 – “Improved sequential shooting speed with the E-5 cameras.Effective with other Four Thirds cameras also.” [Olympus Website]

Panasonic G2 firmware version 1.1 – “Compatibility with the new interchangeable 3D lens LUMIX G 12.5mm” [coming November]

Panasonic 14-140mm lens version 1.3 – “Improved AF performance in speed is available. Reduced start-up time.” [coming later this month]

Nikon Coolpix P90 version 1.1 – “An issue that, in some rare cases, prevented the accurate recording of images captured without interruption in single shooting mode with manual focus and Distortion control enabled has been resolved.” [Nikon Website]

Royal Family Joins Flickr

The Queen attends the Royal Windsor Horse Show in 1982

The Royal Family has opened a Flickr account.  It appears that Queen Elizabeth II and Yahoo have been working behind the scenes for some time putting this account together.

They’ve got a number of sets, which, at launch today, include over 600 total photos, ranging from the Victorian era to a couple of days ago.  Prince Harry also has his own collection that you can follow.  William too.

While many of the images are low-resolution and comments have been disabled, the British Monarchy account will allow Flickr users to use the “Share” tab by emailing or embedding photos on other sites (as I’ve done above with an image of the Queen from 1982).

The Queen already has a YouTube channel and Twitter account, so she had to be feeling a bit behind the times without a photo sharing account.

[Flickr via Yahoo News]

PDN PhotoPlus International Conference + Expo Registration Now Open

Registration is now open for the PDN PhotoPlus International Conference + Expo, which takes place October 28-30, 2010 at the Javits Center in NYC.  The PhotoPlus trade show is an annual event that typically features all the latest gear from camera manufactures on display at Expo booths, as well as dozens of seminars from leading photographers.  Additionally, registration to the Expo Hall is free if you pre-register online; however, there are enhanced passes available.

Check out the full announcement in the press release below, and head over to photoplusexpo.com/register to get signed up. [Read more...]

PMA 2011 Gets Pushed to 3rd Quarter, Back to Vegas

There’s no doubt that PMA 2010 was a bit of a disappointment, particularly with the Anaheim venue, Canon’s absence, and some overshadowing by CES.  Something had to give.  And, well, it did.

According to PMA, industry buying cycles and technology developments have driven the show to a September date instead of residing in the post-holiday and post-CES season. As a result, PMA 2011 will take place from September 8-10, 2011.  And, better still, it’s back at the Las Vegas Convention Center. I’ll be there with bells on.

It will be interesting to see the impact on other photo trade shows around the same time of year, such as PDN Photo Plus on the East Coast.  No word though on what happens in 2012, which would put a September PMA dangerously close to Photokina.

The full press announcement is below. [Read more...]

Photokina 2010 Report

Photokina 2010

Updated: Check out all of the recently announced cameras and other gear at the bottom of this page.

Photokina 2010 is set to take place from Tuesday, September 21 to Sunday, September 26, 2010 in Cologne, Germany.  Photokina occurs every two years, and in 2008, 1523 companies exhibited at the show and more than 169,000 people attended the show.

Photokina is a trade show in which many new cameras, lenses and accessories are frequently introduced.  Cameras introduced at or around Photokina 2008 include, the Canon PowerShot G10, Canon Rebel XS, Canon 50D, Canon 5D Mark II, Nikon D90, Nikon D700, Panasonic G1, Pentax K2000, Sony A900 and Sigma DP2. All the major camera manufacturers are typically in attendance and are rather high profile at Photokina events.  Expect no less this year.

Photokina 2010 Trends to Watch

Camera features and formats haven’t seen a state of flux like we are currently seeing for quite some time.  As a result, I don’t think that it would be unreasonable to expect big things from big players in the months and weeks leading up to Photokina 2010.

Mirrorless Camera Systems

Sony has already busted out of the gate with a serious mirrorless camera system this year, leaving the two big camera makers, Canon and Nikon, to play catch up.  The industry is seemingly waiting for these traditional camera manufacturers to bless this new format by entering into the field with a product of their own.  The killer (as in entry-level DSLR killer) mirrorless camera hasn’t hit the market yet.  Could Canon or Nikon deliver one this year at Photokina?


No one really knew what kind of potential that the Canon 5D Mark II had when it was introduced nearly two years ago.  Now, with an abundance of short films, commercials and broadcast TV episodes under its belt, this market segment is a serious piece of the pie.

Canon is the clear front-runner; however, Nikon is sure to add 1080p video capture at some point.  The next DSLRs in the Nikon line-up would be a perfect time to seize a piece of this still-yet-to-be-defined market segment.  We know Sony is working on some AVCHD-capable DSLRs, so it wouldn’t be a big surprise to see these guys at Photokina 2010.

Compact Cameras with Large Sensors

Enthusiasts have been dying for these cameras to break out to the mainstream manufacturers.  It’s not a segment that’s necessarily hot, but has been rumored to be “coming” from a number of manufacturers for years now.  Perhaps it’s wishful thinking, or maybe enthusiasts will soon get their serious compact cameras with DSLR-sized sensors (instead of the handful of niche products currently on the market).  Of course, the rise of mirrorless camera systems could be the death knell to these pipe dreams as well.

New Cameras and Gear Added Soon

With Summer upon us, I will be adding new camera and gear announcements to this page on a rolling basis as we approach Photokina 2010.  Expect any serious cameras or gear announced from now on to play a roll in manufacturers’ exhibits at this year’s Photokina.  Feel free to bookmark this page for future updates, or check the front page of Photography Bay for regular updates as we approach September.

Photokina Map

DSLR / Interchangeable Lens Cameras

Compact / Point & Shoot Cameras

Medium Format

Video Cameras

Camera Accessories

Concepts, Prototypes and Industry News

Stay tuned for the latest updates in the days leading up to Photokina 2010.

Pictage Offers New Subscription Plans


Pictage, which serves pro photographers in marketing and selling photo products, has introduced a three-tier subscription service.  The three plans, Starter, Premium and Pro, will run you $19, $49 and $99, respectively, per month.

Details on the features and services available under these plans can be found in the press release below. [Read more...]