GoPro Android App Now Available

GoPro Android App

The recently announced GoPro Android App is now available for download.  The new app features full control of all camera settings  and remote viewfinder/preview on your Android device for shot framing.

It is currently compatible with Wi-Fi BacPac-enabled HERO2 cameras that have received the latest update from GoPro.  Compatibility with the HERO3: White and Silver Edition should be coming this month, and compatibility for the HERO3: Black Edition should be available in December 2012.

You can download the new app here at the Google Play Store.

Perfectly Clear iOS App Update Includes De-Purple Setting to Correct Purple iPhone 5 Lens Flare

Perfectly Clear

Perfectly Clear’s Version 3 of its iOS app is out and includes a software fix for the purple lens flare problem on the iPhone 5.

On its own, the Perfectly Clear app is a great little editing app for the iPhone that gives you solid results from a single click. It’s quite similar to the Awesomize feature in SmugMug’s Camera Awesome app – and for good reason . . . Camera Awesome’s Awesomize is powered by Perfectly Clear’s technology.

One of the things that sets Perfectly Clear’s app apart, however, is the one-click De-Purple setting that allows you to remove the oh-so-common purple lens flare from the iPhone 5 images.  In practice, it works quite well.  It’s just not spot-on every time as you can see in the images below. [Read more...]

mCAMLITE for Samsung Galaxy S III

mCAMLITE for Samsung Galaxy S III

The mCAMLITE for Samsung Galaxy S III is the first case, lens and tripod adapter unit for the Galaxy S III.  Like the mCAMLITE for the iPhone 5, the Galaxy S III version is all aluminum and offers a macro/wide combo lens attachement, along with a cold shoe for accessories and several 1/4-20 holes for tripod or accessory mounting.

The mCAMLITE for Samsung Galaxy S III retails for $99.95 and is available here at B&H Photo.

mCAMLITE for iPhone 5

mCAMLITE for iPhone 5

mCAMLITE for iPhone 5 is a new case accessory for the iPhone 5 that adds more of a camera grip to the sometimes awkward to hold phone, along with a macro/wide combo lens and an external microphone.

Additionally, there are four 1/4″-20 holes on the body for multiple tripod mounting options.  A cold shoe on top allows you to mount other standard accessories like a light or more advanced shotgun mic.

The mCAMLITE for iPhone 5 retails for $129.95 and is available here at B&H Photo.

GoPro Launches Free iOS/Android App for HD HERO2 Cameras

GoPro App

GoPro just took the lid off a new iOS and Android app that lets you control the HD Hero2 from your iPhone, iPad or Android device.  The new app is free to download and connects via WiFi with your HD Hero2.

The GoPro App enables full camera control and live scene preview for easy shot framing on smartphones or tablets. Additionally, you get live scene-preview prior to and during video and photo capture.  [Read more...]

Manfrotto KLYP for iPhone 4 & 4S


Manfrotto KLYP

Manfrotto’s new KLYP is the first iPhone accessory from the pro photo accessory company.  The KLYP is a case for the iPhone built around making it a more functional photo and video tool.

It features a cold shoe for attaching accessories such as LED lights and a 1/4-20 mount for securing the iPhone to tripod heads.

Manfrotto just announced pricing for the KLYP packages, starting at $29.99.

More details on Manfrotto’s website


Nokia Tries to Pass Off DSLR Footage as Legit Video by Lumia 920

Nokia Lumia 920

Nokia launched a new phone, the Lumia 920, and was raving about its incredible camera and PureView image stabilization system.  Nokia even put together a sweet video, entitled PureView The next innovation, that shows off the OIS system on the Lumia 920.  Except that it wasn’t the Lumia 920 that captured the footage.

Turns out, the good stuff is coming from what looks to be a DSLR on some kind of external gyro or Steadicam rig. [Read more...]