Pics=$, Traps of Pro-Equipment, Prime vs. Zoom Lenses and More

Check out 52 ways to monetize your photos.

If you’re thinking about buying some pro-level photo gear, consider these 5 traps of such equipment.

The never-ending debate – prime vs. zoom lenses.

Here’s 60 advanced Photoshop tutorials.

Strobist gives a great introduction to Simply Well Lit with Joe McNally (download link for the brochure provided as well).

If you’ve not seen some Canon 40D sample photos yet, then you’ve not been looking. Anyway, here’s some more at various ISO settings. You can keep up with the latest and greatest on the Canon 40D here.

Check out the Nikon Digital Learning Center on flickr.

Some perspective on succeeding as a pro photographer.

Oh yeah, “Most of your pictures suck.

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Updates, The Sloan’s, Canon 7D, Manual Settings and More

In case you didn’t notice, I’ve updated the site a bit. Let me know if you like it and if anything is broken. I checked the usual suspects, but you never can be too sure when you tinker with php. That said, let’s move on to some important topics:

If you haven’t been there in a while, check out the Sloan Photographers again . . . especially the latest from Karina and Jeff’s wedding.

The Canon 7D showed up in a user-created UPC database. I expect this is completely bogus, but I’ll keep an eye out. (via Ken Rockwell)

Strong words . . . . Never use manual settings on your camera.

The secret to cloning people.

Hack – Blogging photos with Lightroom and Flickr.

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Lens Birthdays, Graffiti, New Mac Stuff, Movie Effects and More . . .

Check out the date codes on Canon lenses.

Add some graffiti to your photos with Photoshop.

Mac users, iLife ’08 is available. Oh yeah, there’s also some new iMacs. ;)

Check out 11 Super Awesome Photoshop Movie Effects.

If you want to get real close up on the cheap, learn how to make your own reverse lens mount extension tube.

Photo Tidbits has a thorough review of the Olympus E-510 if you’ve got a few minutes.

Check out 11 Surefire Tips for Improving You Landscape Photography.

More Photoshop – make a zombie!

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Photoshop Galore, Lens and DSLR Reviews, Keira Knightley Gets Prettier and a Canon Flashback from Wayback

Bob Atkins has put up some nice test images of the rather impressive Canon EF 70-300 f/4-5.6 IS lens.

Popular Photography’s got a slew of new reviews:

Check out this cool Photoshop video tutorial on fixing hair root color in your portraits.

See how Keira Knightley is prettied up with some Photoshop touch-up in this King Arthur poster.

While we’re talking about Photoshop, grab 10,000 free Photoshop Shapes.

Learn how to make a flash photo flip book in just 15 minutes.

Check out this Canon flashback to “a new concept in professional digital slrs.”

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Nikon’s Picturetown, the Best Products, Photography Workshops and More . . .

More props for Nikon and Picturetown.

The 100 Best Products of 2007 from PC World. Notable photography product mentions include: the Nikon D40x (23rd); Google Picasa (36th); Nikon D80 (37th); Flickr (44th); Nikon Coolpix S50c (46th); Canon 30D (51st); Fuji Finepix F40fd (64th); Adobe CS3 (72nd). Unless I missed’em, suprisingly absent from the list is Canon’s Rebel XTi or 1D Mk III, Sony’s Alpha A100, anything from Pentax or Olympus (what about the crazy long 550UZ?), or any other processing software that CS3 (Lightroom’s not in there right?).

Learn what lens acronyms really mean.

Why you should take a photography workshop.

Check out why the color tool is so cool in Aperture.

Thinking about taking an online class at Think again. While you’re thinking, explore the rest of Jim Atwood’s site. Good stuff.

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A Picturetown, Geo-Tagging, Vista Horrors, Zero D, Flickr Censorship and More . . .

Consider a visit to Picturetown, SC . . . just pack your Nikon D40 though.

Everybody knows once you go DSLR, you never go back.

If you like geotagging your photos in flickr, save some time and do the tagging via your hotshoe.

Thinking of upgrading to Vista? Are you ready for the full horrors?

Ever hear of a tricked out infrared camera, modified by removing the infrared filter? Me either . . . but some people really dig it.

We’ve all heard that the Nikon D40x is one bad mombo jombo. Well, you can see all (maybe not all, but a lot) of the reviews of the new killer camera over at Digital Camera Tracker. It’s one hot ticket right now!

Forget the Canon 40D, get a Canon 0D (that’s “zero” D).

Save some cash when you buy a Nikon DSLR and a point and shoot camera at the same time.

Perspective on the acquisition of by Amazon.

Read why flickr = censorship.

Word is Canon’s gonna make a “big” acquisition this year.

Ever wonder how Canon’s self-cleaning sensor works?

If you’re interested in getting more familiar with Adobe’s software products, consider the 200+ videos available free, online in the Adobe CS3 Video Workshop.

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Understanding Exposure, DIY Backdrops, Viewfinder Shots and an Itty Bitty Pretty Camera

I’ve always recommended the book Understanding Exposure by Bryan Peterson because it does a great job of putting together all of the elements that go into a properly exposed photograph and explains it for the Average Joe. Consider picking up a copy. It’ll be the best $15 you spend in photography. Likewise, take a look at this resourceful tool, an interactive camera that demonstrates the effect that camera settings have on your photograph. You can see instant results for exposure and depth of field components. If you don’t quite get it yet, then check out these two useful tools for honing your skills as a photographer. If you do “get it”, I think both are probably still worth your time.

Need a backdrop and strapped for cash? Consider doing it yourself. Here’s how to.

If you haven’t read Rich Legg’s “Through the Viewfinder” post, go check it out now.  It’s pretty cool stuff!

Check out this review of the new Fuji F40fd. Fuji has finally caught on and made way for SD memory cards.  Kudos to Fuji.  For more on why that’s important, check out my prior post on Memory Cards and Cameras.  Finally, memory cards are still dirt cheap.  Even big ones.

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Friday Link Dump

It’s short and sweet this week.

Need a cheap macro studio? How’s $.02 sound and within arm’s reach? Check it out.

How many pics fit on your memory card (up to 8MP anyway)? Get it here.

If you’re like me and you love Lightroom, then you might want to take a peep at Lightroom Extra for some great LR resources. It looks to have some even more promising features in the near future. While we’re on the Lightroom topic, I think Inside Lightroom is my favorite find thus far. There a dozens of presets available for download along with easy install instructions.

Friday Link Dump

Learn how to extract an image from a background in Photoshop.

Enter the Crestock photography contest and you just might win a Canon EOS 1Ds Mark II.

Check out the details on photo backpacks to stow your gear in.

Rich Legg teaches us how to get rid of creepy eyes on our pets.

Since I recently got called onto the carpet for not giving props to the K10D, check out a review of the Pentax K10D over at PhotographyBLOG. I’ll take two please.

If you were thinking about getting Adobe Lightroom, you’d better hurry up the $100 off intro price ends Monday, April 30th. It’s $199 ’til then.

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Friday Link Dump

Learn how to get white balance right the first time, in-camera.

Protect your images online – 3 different ways to do it.

Read (another) nice preview for the Canon 1D Mk III by Bob Atkins over at See some more shots of the camera here.

Check out Ken Rockwell’s review of the Fuji S5.

There is yet another memory card format coming to town. There are already too many formats. Thanks SanDisk and Sony.

If you still don’t get what “crop-factor” means, read this.

Apparently, I missed the gravy train on the Nikon D80. More gravy. Guess I’ll have to keep living with my D40 . . . I’ll manage to survive, I suppose.
Get Canon’s Lenswork III for free.

Also, get Adobe’s new Getting Started in Adobe Lightroom [.pdf] for free.

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