Watch How Lighting & Posing Can Fake Before & After Photos

We’ve all seen the before and after photos that plague online advertising. These photos are often part of ads that proclaim the latest and greatest fitness craze or weight loss pill. In the above video, BuzzFeedBlue shows just how easy it is to fake these photos using nothing more than some lighting and posing changes.

While there are certainly things you can do to enhance a physique for the after photo (e.g., lift weights, cardio and eat healthier), much of the presentation still relies on the professional eye of the photographer.

[h/t Jayson]


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Karl Taylor Live Beauty Shoot at Photokina

Karl Taylor was at the Broncolor booth at Photokina 2014 doing a live beauty lighting session in only 30 minutes. The video, however, is condensed to 11 minutes. While the audio quality is sketchy throughout, you still get the idea of what he’s doing.

In the session, he also shows off the fast recycle time of the new Broncolor SIROS lights as you can see when he invites numerous photographers up on stage to capture images using the same lights a the same time. The SIROS lights fire repeatedly without missing a beat as several photographers fire at almost the same time. We also get another short refresher on how Broncolor para umbrellas work.