Phottix’s Laso Makes Non-Radio Flashes Work with Canon’s RT System

Phottix Laso

Phottix has unveiled its new Laso transmitter and receiver. The units work the the Canon RT system.

While that’s nothing new for a third-party transmitter, the receiver unit is a no-brainer for someone who has a bag full of 580EX Speedlites and is starting to integrate 600EX RT units into their kit. Just add the receiver onto your 580EX, pair it with the Laso transmitter (or the Canon ST-E3-RT or 600EX RT) and you have a flash that works with the Canon RT system, which you can now mix with newer 600EX RT Speedlites. [Read more…]

How to Rim-Light and Light a Black Product Shot on Black Background

Shooting on a black background can create a great, contrasty image. Shooting a black product on a black background, however, can be tough to get right in camera.

This video from Karl Taylor and Broncolor shows us how to properly rim-light a product to create separation from a black background. The video goes on to show how to light from different angles to create or cancel reflections, as well as how to bring in LED lights from a product by extending an exposure time.

How to Shoot Red Wine with Studio Strobes

Here’s another great lighting setup and walk-through from Karl Taylor as he shoots a bottle and glass of red wine.

He starts with setting up the scene to create warm tones and textures. Then he walks through the lighting setup from the background and accent lights up to the key light as he builds the scene.

Obviously, he’s using Broncolor strobes in the setup but the principles apply across the board with cheaper speedlights and strobes as well.