Glik First Amendment Rights Case

Glik Civil Rights Case Holding


A federal appellate court recent held that Maryland’s wiretapping statute could not be used to prevent citizens from recording police activity. [click to continue…]

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Alaska Photography Laws

by on August 1, 2011

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This post attempts to highlight Alaska laws that may be relevant to photographers (please read disclaimer below).  It is part of my ongoing effort to catalog the various state laws relating to photography.  You can see more on the main photography laws page.  If you are aware of other significant Alaska statutes or cases that relate to photographers’ rights or duties, please use the contact form to pass them along. [click to continue…]

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This video is an interesting look into how modern technology, specifically cell phones, has given average citizens a powerful tool to combat police misconduct.  The examples shown in this video demonstrate why the right to photograph or record video in public is so important.

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Sugar Factory Copyright Infringement

Back in February, Sugar Factory stole at least one of Ryan Doco Connors’ photos, using it on a t-shirt that it sold in its online store. When Connors called them out on it, he was told that Theft Sugar Factory had a legal right to use it because they changed it by 40%, which is a load of crap (legally speaking).

Instead of launching an expensive legal campaign to exercise his rights, Connors did a photo shoot in honor of Sugar Factory’s theft. Check it out below. [click to continue…]

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A star-studded cast is currently involved in shooting “Rock of Ages” in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and the producers have declared a 3-block area of the downtown area as a no-photography-zone.  Signs posted in the area read as follows:

Warning. No trespassing. Photography of this area is prohibited. Strictly enforced by FLPD. Violators subjet (sic) to arrest. City Ordinance 16-1 [click to continue…]

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Twitter has announced that it will soon be rolling out an “official” method of sharing photos on Twitter.  However, Twitter will apparently not be hosting the images – rather the images will be hosted and served by Photobucket. [click to continue…]

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