Advanced Sharpening Technique Using Photoshop & Topaz Denoise

Here’s a new sharpening technique that I had not seen before but works very well, particularly with low light images. It uses a combination of Photoshop with Unsharp Mask, Topaz DeNoise and then back to Photoshop for another pass with Smart Sharpen before using blend modes to apply the sharpened layer with the original color layer.

There are several examples of the technique in the video walk-through above.

[via Topaz Labs]


Crash Course in How to Use the Liquify Filter in Photoshop

The liquify filter in Photoshop is often demonized as the tool for making unrealistic body alterations in advertising images. However, that doesn’t have to be the case. In the above video, Jeff Rojas walks us through the basics of using the liquify filter and what the various tools inside the filter do to an image. He also makes a case for editing subtle changes with an eye toward natural body proportions.

[via ISO 1200]

Camera Modes: A for Aperture Priority


So you’ve got a fancy DSLR or mirrorless camera but it stays on full auto (aka the little green camera) or P on the mode dial (maybe because that lets you choose when to turn on the flash).

You stick with these modes because the camera makes most of the decisions for you and all you really have to think about is where to point the camera.

Neither of those modes are necessarily bad to use – especially if you are getting the photos you want. However, there are other things on the camera’s mode dial that allow you to be more creative.

And maybe you aren’t getting the shots you want but you don’t necessarily know how to turn the photo that is in your mind into reality. Maybe you just want to understand more about how your camera works.

Whatever the case, understanding the effect and usefulness of operating in the Aperture Priority mode is a worthwhile endeavor for any budding photographer. [Read more…]

How to Build a Seamless White Infinity Cove

Want that great seamless white background appearance in a large space?

This video from Karl Taylor shows the behind the scenes construction of his infinity cove inside his studio. There is a ton of work that goes into the construction. The results, however, are fantastic.

Watch the Canon 7D Shutter at 10,000fps

This video from the Slow Mo Guys shows us a great look at the shutter movement inside the Canon 7D at a range of shutter speeds, all the way up to 1/8000s.

Screen Shot 2015-03-04 at 11.52.08 PM

It is a view we don’t ever really get to see even if we do understand the process of how a focal plane shutter works. Thanks to a Phantom camera that shoots HD video at 10,000fps, we get to see up close and in detail the mirror and shutter operation.

As you are watching, note the vibration of mirror on its impact and consider how that will affect image quality as much slower shutter speeds.