Quick Breakdown: Midday Photos With Off-Camera Flash

TTL Flash Final

One of the challenges of shooting outdoor photos in the middle of the afternoon is dealing with harsh shadows and overexposing the sky if your subject is not directly lit by the sun.  While it would be nice to wait for the right light later in the evening, there are a lot of times when your subject won’t be waiting around with you – particularly when you’re dealing with kids. [Read more…]

Quick Portrait Breakdown

Final Portrait

One of the goals of my wife is to have great portraits of each of our children at age 3.  We’ve been pushing our luck with our current 3-year-old, who turns 4 in a couple months.  While we’ve shot tons of images of her this year; however, we’ve not taken that right shot with just the right dress, bow and smile . . . until last weekend. [Read more…]

Camera Modes: Full Auto (aka ‘The Green Square’)

Regardless of your current skill level, you have probably used the little green square mode on a camera at some point. This green square (or little green camera) mode is commonly referred to as the full auto shooting mode.

Many times, when you are shooting in this mode, you get great photos.  Other times though, your images don’t quite come out the way you envisioned them when looking through the viewfinder.  Maybe they are too dark on a person’s face, maybe the thing you want to be in focus is out of focus, or maybe the colors just don’t look right.

That’s what happens when you give control to a dumb box.  That’s right.  Your camera is dumb – especially when it’s in the little green square mode.  [Read more…]

Gulf Photo Plus Shootout: JoeyL, Zack Arias & Gregory Heisler

The above video is from Gulf Photo Plus 2011. In it, you’ll see JoeyL and Zack Arias going head-to-head in photo shootout, where each gets 20 minutes to photograph, edit and output an image of a subject they’ve never seen before. There’s also the nice bonus of Gregory Heisler dogging both contestants throughout their shoots.

Also check out Zack Arias’ post on his thought process during the shoot.  Good stuff Zack.

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