Jeremy Cowart’s Impressive iPhone 6 Photo Shoot

We have gotten to the point now where we expect to see the next outlandish claim about how great the iPhone or any number of smartphone cameras have become. However, I’m posting this video of Jeremy Cowart’s buzz-worthy video shooting with the iPhone 6 to emphasize how much craft is still required to get a great image.

There is a reason that most people’s iPhone photos don’t look like what Jeremy Cowart produced here. [Read more…]

‘Manual’ Camera App Finally Brings Custom Exposure Control to iPhone

Manual iPhone App

Manual is a simple new camera app for iOS 8 that allows to manually adjust the three key inputs for exposure control – Aperture, ISO and Shutter Speed. Additional controls include adjustments for white balance focus and exposure bracketing.

No longer do you have to tap various regions of the frame in hopes that you can get the autoexposure to meter what you want. The manual exposure controls are up front and easy to scroll through. Photographers have been asking for these basic features on the iPhone for years – and now we’ve got them in a $1.99 app.

You can find the Manual app here in the iTunes App Store.