Licensing Photographs, Stock Photography, Photoshop, and the Groovy New Photosynth

Yet another example of Photoshop retouching working magic on some otherwise average photos.

A practical lesson on license management and copyright of your photos.

Check out 8 Microstock Websites and What the #&!! is Microstock Anyway. While you’re at it, get some insight into by Rich Legg.

Photosynth looks like an awesome new tool. Chalk one up for Microsoft acquisitions.

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I always do my best to attribute the authors and sources of content that I link to here. It really chaps my rusty, however, when people take the content of others. Certainly, fair use is permitted in the blogging/news world. In fact, passing around content is generally encouraged – so long as you link back to your source. As photographers, we are particularly aware of copyright issues and proper attribution.

That said, let me take a moment to point out that has taken it upon itself to copy and paste the content of others with NO attribution whatsoever. Photography Bay’s recent post on the Canon 40D rumors now appears at the top of it’s page. As you can see by reading the post here on Photography Bay, has simply copied and pasted that post with no reference to the original post here.

Unfortunately, the site owner has not even provided a method to contact them via email or comments on the site. As a result, I’m left with no choice but to post this information here. I’m still considering whether to contact the host and issue a DMCA takedown notice, so if you’re reading this, you should do the right thing and create your own content and, when quoting others, properly attribute the authorship of the quoted sources. Given that the site has little original content, I’m not holding my breath.

Rather than link to, which improves the site’s search rankings, I’ll simply provide you with an image of the ripped off post (feel free to copy and paste the address to your browser though):

Now, read Photography Bay’s original post here.

FYI, Whois.Net provides the following info, which I have attempted to contact via email to no avail:

Domain Name: CANON40D.NET

Canon Inc.
Canon40D        (
No 42, Ttrue Ave
Tel. +51.7654321
Fax. +51.7654321

Creation Date: 01-Feb-2007
Expiration Date: 01-Feb-2008

Domain servers in listed order:

UPDATE 5/15/07:  More of the same from another rip-off blog:

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Students – Win Big in Microsoft’s Photo Contest!

Microsoft is putting some serious juice up for killer student photos:

For student photographers, this is an opportunity to Kick Start Your Career as a future professional photographer. The exciting prize packages include a Grand Prize of US$20,000 cash and a digital workflow prize package. There will also be three First Place winners in the following categories: Nature & Landscape; People & Portraits; and Fine Art who will each win US $2000 cash and a digital workflow prize package as well.

Enter here.

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Don’t Buy a Knock-Off SanDisk CF Card: An ebay Experience of Yours Truly

Have you bought a memory card on ebay lately? Maybe you’ve been here too. Thinking about buying one? Think carefully about that one.

The story that follows is my recent experience of shopping for, purchasing, complaining about, and ultimately returning and receiving a refund for a knock-off SanDisk Ultra II Compact Flash memory card. More than 60 days after my original purchase, Paypal was kind enough to “decide” in my favor (please detect sarcasm here). Through the experience, I have lost trust in ebay, PayPal, Wolf/Ritz Camera, Best Buy, Circuit City and, of course, the seller brainydeal (aka,, Ying Liu, Kin Chau, among others), all the while, finding the trust I should have always had in my local mom and pop photo store. Before you buy another memory card (certainly from an ebay seller), read on. [Read more...]

Cellblock – A New Tool for Photographers

Cellblock is a cool new tool that makes adding a slideshow to your site about as simple as can be (note the handy slideshow in the right sidebar now – click in the bottom right corner of it to go to full screen or just click here). Now, you can login to your cellblock account and upload a few photos (3MB limit). Better yet, you can email your photos to a particular email address that you set up for your individual cellblocks. What’s more is that you can shoot those images that you can’t wait to show everyone directly from your cell phone / camera phone to your cellblock and instantly publish them to the rest of the world! Pretty darn cool if you ask me! It embeds into your site just like a YouTube or MySpace video.

Want to give a try on Photography Bay? Just send your image (your image) to No need to stick anything in the subject line. Just attach an image and shoot it to me. I’m still learning my way around this thing and am having trouble with portrait-oriented photos at the moment. If you figure out the problem before I do, then pass it along. In the mean time, stick with horizontals.

Control freak? Don’t worry, you can opt not to publish photos until you’ve had a chance to review them, which I do (so no funny stuff). Thanks to the Trademark Blog for turning me on to this!

UPDATE: Regarding my problem with portrait-oriented (vertical) photos – One of the development guys at Cellblock posted a comment stating that this issue is being addressed and will be fixed soon.

We will be exposing a rotate function over the next couple of weeks that will take care of portrait/landscape issues.

Stay up to date on the Cellblog (the Cheat Sheet is worth a read anyway) or I’ll keep you updated when groovy stuff happens.