45 Photo Sharing Sites

A while back, I posted 7 Alternatives to Flickr. I asked for your thoughts on my suggested alternatives and other recommendations that you had. I got more than I bargained for in your comments. I quickly realized that I had left many great sites out of my abbreviated list. Due to all of your great suggestions, I felt that you deserved a more complete list of photo sharing sites. I’ve included my original 7, all of your suggestions and a few others that I’ve scoured the web to find. Read on for 45 ways to share your photos. [Read more…]


myPhotopipe.com Introduces FolioPrints

My favorite photo processor just got even better.  Sit tight and let me tell you the story of myLove for myPhotopipe.com – then we’ll get to the new FolioPrints.

When family, friends or anybody asks me where they should get there photos developed, I tell them to go to myPhotopipe.com.  The response I usually get is “huh”?  After I explain to them that it’s a website that you can upload your digital images to – just like Kodak EasyShare Gallery – it generally clicks (no pun intended) with them.

Why myPhotopipe?

The thing I like the most about myPhotopipe.com is when I edit an image on my iMac, I send it to myPhotopipe.com and get the same thing back in a physical print (e.g., color, exposure, contrast, etc.).  I’ve tried other services – a lot of other services.  In fact, a couple of years ago, I took a single image, edited it and uploaded it to maybe a dozen different services.  I tried everything from the cheap processors like Kodak, Shutterfly, Snapfish and York Photo to more “pro” services like Mpix and myPhotopipe.  I got all the prints back, spread them across the table and started the process of elimination to find the best of the bunch. [Read more…]

Top 10 Links from 2007

Here’s the Top 10 Inbound Hits and corresponding pageviews on Photography Bay for 2007:

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6. Nikon D300 Sample Images at ISO 6400 at 43,459

5. Nikon D300 Reviews and Resources at 53,080

4. Canon 40D Reviews and Resources at 59,300

3. Canon 5D Mark II Rumors Page at 60,480

2. Photography Bay Homepage at 61,996

1. Nikon D3 Reviews and Resources at 82,222

I hear you loud and clear that you like content on the latest gear. If you haven’t checked these pages out yet, take yourself a gander at them. Expect plenty more where this came from in 2008.