My favorite photo processor just got even better.  Sit tight and let me tell you the story of myLove for – then we’ll get to the new FolioPrints.

When family, friends or anybody asks me where they should get there photos developed, I tell them to go to  The response I usually get is “huh”?  After I explain to them that it’s a website that you can upload your digital images to – just like Kodak EasyShare Gallery – it generally clicks (no pun intended) with them.

Why myPhotopipe?

The thing I like the most about is when I edit an image on my iMac, I send it to and get the same thing back in a physical print (e.g., color, exposure, contrast, etc.).  I’ve tried other services – a lot of other services.  In fact, a couple of years ago, I took a single image, edited it and uploaded it to maybe a dozen different services.  I tried everything from the cheap processors like Kodak, Shutterfly, Snapfish and York Photo to more “pro” services like Mpix and myPhotopipe.  I got all the prints back, spread them across the table and started the process of elimination to find the best of the bunch. [click to continue…]

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Blue-Pink Screen of Death

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Recent news of the Microsoft bid for Yahoo has sparked a Flickr revolt. Users have banded together and formed the MICROSOFT: KEEP YOUR EVlL GRUBBY HANDS OFF OF OUR FLICKR (Pool).

This is one of the many anti-MS images in the pool.

Stephen Shankland has got more on the story over at Cnet’s Underexposed.

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Fotocommunity Unveils LinkedIn-Like Feature As US Expansion of Worldwide Online Photo Meeting Place Kicks Off At PMA

Europe’s Leading & Largest Photographic Community Site Showcases US Commitment With Enhanced Innovative Social Networking Technology [click to continue…]

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Top 10 Links from 2007

by on January 4, 2008

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Here’s the Top 10 Inbound Hits and corresponding pageviews on Photography Bay for 2007:

10. 7 Alternatives to Flickr at 19,293

9. Canon 450 / Rebel XTi Replacement at 19,385

8. Olympus E-3 Resource Page at 26,380

7. Nikon D3 Sample Images at ISO 3200 at 26,904

6. Nikon D300 Sample Images at ISO 6400 at 43,459

5. Nikon D300 Reviews and Resources at 53,080

4. Canon 40D Reviews and Resources at 59,300

3. Canon 5D Mark II Rumors Page at 60,480

2. Photography Bay Homepage at 61,996

1. Nikon D3 Reviews and Resources at 82,222

I hear you loud and clear that you like content on the latest gear. If you haven’t checked these pages out yet, take yourself a gander at them. Expect plenty more where this came from in 2008.

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Best Price Cameras is attempting to capitalize on the Canon 5D Mark II rumors even though there has been no official word that this camera will ever exist. According to the product page, the Canon 5D Mark II is a 16MP camera.

Hold your horses though before you try to buy something from these yahoos. [click to continue…]

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tivo_150x167.jpgTivo is making your online photo albums more accessible – at least, those of you that use Photobucket or Picasa to share your photos.

The digital video recorder manufacturer has partnered with two photo-sharing services–the Google-owned Picasa Web Albums and Fox Interactive Media-owned Photobucket–in order to enable users to surf through their photo albums as well as their friends’ and family members’, provided that their TiVo boxes are broadband-connected.

(via CNet)

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