Kodak’s Final Notice

Kodak is dishing out final notices (I just got mine) on their online gallery storage.  Not that it really matters to me.  I use SmugMug and Flickr for sharing my images online.  I have occasionally ordered a few snapshots or Christmas cards from Kodak; however, I will just upload the pics that I need at the time and get my pics or cards printed out. Perhaps some folks use Kodak’s service as their online storage solution.  If you do, then you’ll have to keep ordering products in order to keep your photos online. [Read more…]


Photoree: Bookmarking Reaches Images

You have StumbleUpon for websites and Last.fm for music, but the choices for bookmarking and recommending photos are much slimmer. Photoree is an opportunity to see thousands of photographs — to see what images other photographers are creating.

The system is very simple: just like with other recommendation sites, you create a profile and note a few photos that you like from the Photoree colection. From there, Photoree recommends photos that match your taste. You can browse through photos, create your own personal collection and even use the Creative Commons images that you find through the site.

Photoree has also simplified sharing photos. While there are quite a few sites dedicated to sharing photos you’ve taken with your friends and family, there are few options for passing along a photo someone else took but that you enjoy. Your options are pretty much limited to pasty an unwieldy URL into an email. Photoree offers options for sharing photos easily with your contacts.

Shutterfly’s New Share Sites

Shutterfly has added to its photo sharing and printing services by launching Share Sites. Share Sites provides users with a personalized web site to share photos with friends and family — a virtual photo album.

Share Sites offers up better designs than similar sites have offered in the past, as well as a very simple user interface. Someone with very little online experience can navigate these photo albums, if not create one themselves. With Share Sites, Shutterfly is not precisely competing with Flickr or Photobucket. Instead, their efforts compete with Kodak and Snapfish.

Despite the ease of use, Share Sites does have some potential for more advanced users — especially those who often work with clients, friends and family who aren’t up to speed with online photo options.

Flickr Makes Geotagging Easier

Flickr has made it easier for photographers to geotag images uploaded to the photo-sharing site. If you take a look at your photos on Flickr, there is a new option in the Additional Information section, labeled “Add to your map.”

Click on that link and you can mark where your photo was taken on a map, direct from Yahoo! Maps. Not my first choice on mapping options, but considering Yahoo! owns both, it isn’t a surprise. It looks like there is an element of feedback from the photos folks tag on Flickr and Yahoo! Maps. According to the Flickr blog:

As the odds are you know more about your local neighborhoods than we
do, when you edit a location on the pop-up map you can also see other
nearby options and choose one. Over time if everyone continuously tells
us we’ve got somewhere wrong, we can feed it back into the system and
update it for everyone else.

Photrade: Simplify Selling Photos

I think every photographer has experimented with selling prints, mugs and anything else they can think of with their photography printed on it. It can be a good way to make a little money off of a picture that might otherwise just sit on your hard drive, taking up space. But it is a fair amount of work to do on your own.

Photrade is willing to take on the hard part of the work, for part of the profits. It’s an easy system to use — just upload your photos, set a price and Photrade will take and fulfill orders. You set the markup, and can also make a little more cash from advertising on your page. You’ll have to do a little promotion on your own, but you can get a little bit of income through the site.

The site is still in beta, but quite a few Photrade invites seem to be floating around through various invite trading sites.