Check out this iPhone 5 ad parody from Adam Sacks.  In it, a rebranded Canon DSLR takes the place of the upcoming iPhone 5, which will apparently only be used for taking photos of food and sharing those on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

iPhone 5

Siri will even recognize the food your snapping photos of and suggest witty captions to go along with your Facebook and Twitter posts.

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How many of you have ever left your lens cap on the camera and missed an important shot?  (I’m guilty.)

The photographer in the above video had the misfortune of making that mistake in front of TV cameras for the whole world to see.  I hope he still got a keeper or two after he figured out the malfunction.

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Film Canister Toilet Paper Holder

Check out this film canister toilet paper dispenser.  How funny is this thing?

Insert your own processing/developing jokes below.

Film Can Toilet Paper

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Check out the below BTS video of sport photographer Walter Iooss Jr. working Andy Samberg of SNL fame on a photo shoot as Samberg portrays tennis stars.

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Check out this fun video. “A group of Canon commandos is sent out on a mission. Their objective: to save an innocent girl who has been taken hostage by Nikon terrorists. Who will ultimately win this battle?”

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Sigma 200-500mm

The Sigma 200-500mm f/2.8 lens is a $26,000 beast of a lens.  It’s also one that few photographers will ever hope to own.  But that didn’t stop several people from reviewing the lens on Amazon with some rather humorous takes on what the lens has fictitiously done for them.

The sample images are pretty entertaining too…

Sigma 200-500mm Sample Image

Sigma 200-500mm Sample Image via

A brief sampling of the reviews: [click to continue…]

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