Nokia VP Says Cell Phone Cameras Will Replace DSLRs

Apparently, Anssi Vanjoki, Executive VP at Nokia, has been sippin’ a bit too much of grandpa’s cough medicine.  According to a report from Reuters, Vanjoki was quoted as saying that cell phone cameras would soon “revolutionise the market for system cameras” and that “[t]here will be no need to carry around those heavy lenses.” [Read more...]

Wedding Photographers Called Out for Using a Canon Rebel XTi by Judge Joe Brown

This dispute, which appeared on the Judge Joe Brown TV show, has been making its way around the Interweb.  What makes this ‘trial’ so classic is that Judge Brown knows a thing or two about cameras, lenses and wedding photography.  So, sit back and watch Judge Joe Brown taking these two ladies to task over the quality of wedding photos produced by a Rebel XTi and kit lens.

[via LeggNet]