Cats simply rule the Internet. It’s a sad state of affairs; however, footage like the POV footage from a camera mounted to a cat’s collar is part of the reason why.  [click to continue…]


Canon EOS 1D W (Wildlife Edition) via The Digital Picture

Canon EOS 1D W (Wildlife Edition) via The Digital Picture

Every year someone, somewhere gets me with an April Fools Day prank. As a result, I try not to post any news or rumors that don’t come from official sources.

Of course, some of the ideas out there are pretty funny even if they do pull one over on me. I’ll be updating this post throughout the day as new pranks roll in. If you see a good one, be sure to let me know about it. [click to continue…]


Do you know any photography snobs? Are you one yourself? Check out 10 ways to annoy a photography snob in the above video, courtesy of DigitalRev.

Disclaimer: Mild language, crude comments in the video. Don’t watch if that offends you.



Hasselblad has announced another nonsensical rebadge of a Sony camera. This time, the Sony A99 (announced 1.5 years ago) with its 24MP full frame sensor becomes the new Hasselblad HV. [click to continue…]


What would you do if you were sitting on the front row at a sporting event and a player comes crashing over the wall and lands at your feet?  [click to continue…]

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Barbie Camera Cheap Camera Challenge

In Digital Rev’s latest Cheap Camera Challenge, Kai puts Phillip Bloom up against a Barbie video girl.

The specs?

  • 240p video capture
  • Tiny LCD screen
  • Record button
  • AA battery powered
  • Blonde hair
  • Pink dress [click to continue…]

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