GoPro’s “On the Quest for Glory” Features Winter Olympians in the Hunt for Gold

This short video, shot 100% on the GoPro HERO3+, features Olympians “On the Quest for Glory” at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi. It shows off the amazing preparation Olympic athletes endure with unique shots that GoPro cameras continue to deliver.

I’m fired up for the Olympics now….  Only 35 days to go!

GoPro Hero 3+ Unveiled

GoPro Hero 3 Plus

GoPro has announced a refresh to its Hero 3 camera with the Hero 3+.

It is a mild upgrade to the Hero 3; however, the updates address some of the key criticisms of the Hero 3. The Hero 3+ features 30% more battery life thanks to a 1180mAh battery (up from a 1050 mAh battery in the Hero 3). Additionally, the Hero 3+ gets a sharper f/2.8 lens, 4x faster built-in WiFi. [Read more...]

Watch the GoPro Hero3 Black Edition Promo Video

No doubt that there’s a lot of excitement surrounding the new GoPro Hero3, and for good reason.  It’s the best specs we’ve seen on an action cam to date.  Check out the above promo video for the Hero3 Black Edition, which contains footage 100% from the Black Edition.

It’s solid footage and a very solid edit through and through – and makes me want to go jump off a waterfall…