Canon and Nikon Lens Mugs

Canon Lens Mug

These Canon and Nikon lens mugs have been popping up occasionally since the 2010 Winter Olympics.  They’ve generally been hit or miss on finding what you want in stock, and prices have been rather steep.

I just ordered a Canon 24-105mm mug from 100 Milligrams for $19.50.  Not bad at all.

Here’s the links to the different lenses over at 100 Milligrams:

Canon 24-105mm Lens Mug

Canon 70-200mm Lens Mug

Nikon 24-70mm Lens Mug

Sinar P-SLR

Sinar has designed a p-slr system that allows photographers to mount their DSLRs on Sinar view cameras.  The Sinar p-slr will allow exact control of perspectives and selective sharpness to be set and evaluated precisely as on a view camera.

The Sinar p-slr will be available August 2010 for 1980 Swiss Francs.  Check with your Sinar distributor for availability.

More details in the press release below. [Read more...]

Firmware Friday: Pentax K-7, Panasonic LX3, TZ7/ZS3, TZ6/ZS1

Camera  Firmware Update

Below you will find this week’s firmware updates.  Hit the manufacturer website links for more details and download instructions for the firmware.

Pentax K-7 firmware version 1.10 – “Added Movie editing function on playback mode palette. You can divide a movie into multiple segments and erase unwanted segments from the movie. Added Electronic Level indication on the Monitor. When Mode dial is set M or X and Electronic Level is set to display, exposure meter is indicated both of them in the LCD panel and in the Viewfinder. Added [Reversal Film] mode on Custom Image function [PENTAX Digital Camera Utility 4] have been updated. When using Live View, auto focus activate by pressing shutter release button halfway. Also improved focus speed [Pentax website]

Panasonic LX3 firmware version 2.2 – “Optimization of software processing.” [Panasonic website]

Panasonic TZ7/ZS3 firmware version 1.3 – “Optimization of software processing.” [Panasonic website]

Panasonic TZ6/ZS1 firmware version 1.3 – “Optimization of software processing.” [Panasonic website]