Topaz ReMask 20% Off Coupon Code

Hair Masking Notecard

Topaz Labs currently has a coupon code available for ReMask that gives you 20% off. The coupon code surfaced with a great tutorial blog post on using ReMask for masking hair.

The blog post is actually a great source of info on how ReMask works and a solid workflow for using ReMask on your images. To get the 20% off deal, use the coupon code HAIRMASK20 at checkout here on Topaz Labs’ website.

I’m not sure how long this coupon code will last, so you might be out of luck if you wait too long.

Canon DSLR & Lens Bundle Deals – Fall 2014

Canon DSLR Lens Bundle Rebates Fall 2014

There are several rebates and deals available for Canon DSLRs and lens bundles, which include¬†basically everything from the 5D Mark III down to the Rebel line. The only DSLR not included is the new 7D Mark II, which won’t be available until November and these deals expire October 25. Check them all out here at B&H Photo.