Deal Alert: Drobo for $299

B&H is back with another round of markdowns on Drobo units and kits.  The 4-bay Drobo has a $100 discount and rings in at $299, while other Drobo units have serious markdowns as well.  This time around B&H beats Amazon’s $332 price by a good margin.  The full list is below. [Read more...]

Killer Drobo Deals This Week

If you aren’t familiar with what a Drobo is, it’s basically a dummy-proof backup device.  You don’t have to know how to configure a RAID hard drive array to use a Drobo, but you data will be just as safe in the event of a drive failure.  It’s a great device that a lot of photographers use.

B&H Photo currently has some solid deals on Drobo units, which includes the first time I’ve noticed a Drobo go for less than $300.  The prices are good through this Saturday, May 15.

Drobo 4-bay Enclosure for $298.95 also at Amazon for $292.51

Drobo 4-bay Enclosure w/ (2) Western Digital 1TB Hard Drives for $444.95

Drobo 4-bay Enclosure w/ (4) Western Digital 2TB Hard Drives for $888.95

Moo Card Discounts for First Timers

Moo just sent me a 10% discount code to pass along to those of you who haven’t tried Moo cards before.  In case you didn’t already know, I’m a big fan of Moo cards.  I’ve tried the standard business cards and the cool mini cards, and really dig them both.

Here’s the discount code:  BHWU9R

The code will work for first time customers of through January 31.

Deal Alert: Monitors, Tripods & More

Induro Tripod

B&H has some Induro Tripods at significant discounts.  B&H confirmed to me that these tripods were still new, but were just listed in the used section of the site.  If you look at the tripods outside the used section of the site, they are substantially more.  I’m not sure how many are in this section, but it looks like a pretty good deal for a tripod and head combo, if you like a panhead.

Induro APO Adventure AP-Series Tripod Kit With 3-Way Panhead – $89.95

Max load is 10.3 lbs. This one is normally $136.

Induro AP1 Adventure AP-Series Tripod Kit With 3-Way Panhead – $104.95

Max load is 12.8 lbs. This one is normally $159.

Induro AP2 Adventure AP-Series Tripod Kit With 3-Way Panhead – $119.95

Max load is 18.7 lbs. This one is normally $181.

(2) Kingston 4GB SD Cards from – $19.49

These are great for point and shoot cameras or entry-level DSLRs with low frame rates.  I own a stock pile of these things.  Free shipping is included.

Samsung 25.5″ HD Monitor from (this one expires in just a few hours) – $299

I bought one of these the last time they were on sale.  It doubles as an HDTV since it has a built in tuner.  It has DVI and HDMI inputs, and 1920 x 1200 pixels is a nice thing for web browsing though.  You can really multi-task with this thing.  It’s not the best in terms of color, so I don’t recommend it as a primary display for photo editing, but if you just want a lot of screen real estate, this is a cheap way to get there.

Samsung 23″ Monitor from – $219

This is a widescreen monitor with a 1920 x 1080 max resolution and a DVI input. Free shipping to boot.

B&H Offers Free Overnight and 2nd Day Shipping for Procrastinators

If you were thinking that you had waited a little too long to order a Canon or Nikon camera and figured you’d just pay a little more at a retail store, B&H Photo has got you covered.

You can still get some solid deals at B&H on Canon and Nikon cameras and get them shipped quick and free – with plenty of time to wrap them up before Christmas.

Here’s the Canon free 2nd day shipping promo items:  Canon cameras @ B&H Photo.

And, here’s the Nikon free overnight shipping promo items: Nikon cameras @ B&H Photo.