Canon 50D Deals at B&H Photo and Amazon

B&H Photo and Amazon have some solid deals on the Canon 50D right now.  I’m working on a review of the 50D and I have to say that these prices are very nice considering how much camera you get for your money.


Canon 50D (body only) – $1099.95

Canon 50D w/ 28-135mm lens – $1319.00

Canon 50D w/ 18-200mm lens – $1619.00

B&H Photo

Canon 50D (body only) – $1099.95

Canon 50D w/ 28-135mm lens – $1329.95

Canon 50D w/ 18-200mm lens – $1699.95

Black Friday Digital Camera Deals

There are a lot of great deals floating around in the digital camera world for Black Friday.  Ritz Camera, who offers free shipping and no sales tax as a standard, has some of the better deals that I’ve seen.

Ritz Camera Black Friday Deals Page

Ritz – Free Printer Offers

Ritz – Nikon D40 Digital SLR Two-Lens Bonus Outfit (18-55/55-200) – $549.98

Ritz – Nikon D80 Digital SLR Camera (Body Only) – $579.99

Ritz – SanDisk 4GB Extreme III CF Memory Card BUY-3 THEN FREE REBATE OFFERFREE (After Rebate)

Ritz – SanDisk 4GB Extreme III SD Memory Card BUY-3 THEN FREE REBATE OFFERFREE (After Rebate)

Amazon Black Friday Deals – Includes deals like:

  • Buy a Pentax K20D, get a 12MP Pentax Optio A40 free
  • Nikon D200 for $799
  • Free 8GB memory card with certain Fuji cameras
  • Get 2 Free accessories with the Flip Mino HD (as an aside, I just bought one for myself and love it so far . . . hate that I missed the free accessories though)
  • Buy a lens, get a free Tiffen filter

Adorama Black Friday Deals Page – Actually, it’s pretty lame so far aside from a few good deals on some memory cards and point and shoot cameras. Hopefully, they will add some more.

Calumet Black Friday & Cyber Monday Page 11.26.08 thru 12.01.08 – Nothing really stands out here as a killer Black Friday deal. However, if you need some seamless paper, a muslin background or two, or are looking at their light control panel systems, then you’ll find these in the 15% – 25% off range.  Other than that, its pretty lame as far as the “door buster” type deals are concerned.

Dell Home Black Friday Deals Page – Some solid computer deals with laptops and desktops as low as $299, although don’t expect to push Photoshop too hard with the specs on these. However, some decent-spec’d desktops are in the $650 range. Not bad at all. The below SD1100 is the only digital camera deal at the moment, but check back with Dell throughout the weekend and into Cyber Monday for additional deals.

Dell – Black Friday Savings – Canon SD1100 Only $159.99 after $60 Instant Savings + free 4GB memory card!

Finally, if you are looking for shopping advice on for you photographically-inclined friend or family member, don’t miss Photography Bay’s Holiday Shopping Guide, which is packed full of the top recommendations in a variety of digital camera and accessory categories.

Nikon D3 Getting Cheap . . . Relatively Speaking

It seems the price of the Nikon D3 has been falling, making it more “affordable.”  That’s if you call the $4k range “affordable” compared to the $5k range.

Amazon has it for $4384.  Third-party Amazon retailers go under $4300.

Adorama goes a little cheaper at $4299.95

B&H Photo, however, takes the cake at $4,198.95.

What’s causing the drops in price?

I think the Nikon D700 may be cannabilizing the D3 a bit.  Canon’s 5D Mark II low price tag (again, relatively speaking) can’t be helping either.

I could be wrong though. Maybe it’s something like the rumored D3x/D4 that’s causing the price drop?  Any thoughts?

Big Week-Long Sale at Ritz Camera

Ritz Camera is running a big sale this week as a kick-off to the holiday season.

You can get the Nikon D60 Black Gold kit for $599.99 and add the 55-200mm VR zoom for $149.99.  Also, the Nikon D80 kit is going for $699.99.

Canon’s A590 IS is going for $129.99 after instant rebates.  The Canon 50D kit w/ 28-135mm IS lens is $1499.99.

These prices are good through Saturday, November 15th.  You can check out all the special offers on this page.

Canon Refurbished Deals at Adorama

Adorama has refreshed its “Refurbished by Canon” inventory. All the Canon gear is refurbished by Canon USA and comes with a 90 day warranty from Adorama.

Click here for the full inventory list on Adorama (125 items at post time), or check out the specific deals that I’ve noted below.

Canon Rebel XT (body) – $319.95

Canon EF 70-300mm f/4-5.6 IS lens – $499.99

Canon 30D (body) – $574.95

Canon 40D (body) – $749.95

Canon 40D (w/ 28-135mm IS lens) – 869.95

Canon 5D (body) – $1749.95

Canon PowerShot G9 – $349.95