Canon 5D Mark IV Going 4K? …It’s About Time!

5D Mark IV Rumor PB

Before the 5D Mark III was released, we heard rumors that the camera would feature 4K video. Of course, that seems silly now given Canon’s conservative approach in releasing new DSLRs and video products in recent years. And in the Twilight Zone of the camera industry we live in now, Canon is the one that started this whole HDSLR craze after all with a groundbreaking product in the 5D Mark II.

Of course, Canon didn’t know what it had with the 5D Mark II. Canon would have almost certainly neutered it or rebranding the model with a much higher price tag if it knew that it would be the catalyst to the democratization of filmmaking.

The 5D Mark III was released as a very solid camera and a proper successor to the 5D Mark II. Great low light performance, much better AF and a respectable upgrade in the video department. However, it wasn’t groundbreaking. It was a calculated, incremental upgrade. It was solid and it was safe.

In the mean time, Canon has released a series of EOS Cinema cameras geared toward the professional filmmaking and video industry. The C100 currently runs about $5000, while the top-end C500 runs $20,000.

Canon and the 4K Dilemma

If you want to shoot 4K with a Canon camera, [Read more...]

Canon 7D Sale – up to $600 Off

Canon 7D

B&H has made a huge drop in Canon 7D prices with up to $600 off regular prices. Could this be a response to the rumored Canon 7D Mark II coming in the next couple months?

The Canon 7D body can now be had for $999 (reg. $1499) and includes a free 16GB SanDisk Extreme CF card and spare battery, along with 2% rewards and free expedited shipping. Check it out here at B&H Photo.

The Canon 7D with the EF-S 18-135mm IS lens is $1299 (reg. $1799) and includes 2% rewards and free expedited shipping. Check it out here at B&H Photo.

Finally, the Canon 7D with the EF 28-135mm IS lens is $1099 (reg. $1699) and includes 2% rewards and free expedited shipping. Check it out here at B&H Photo.

Canon 7D Mark II Embargo Ending September 5?

Canon 7D Mark II Rumors

UPDATE: Canon 7D Mark II Officially Announced!

New rumors suggest that the announcement of a replacement for the Canon 7D may come on Friday, September 5, 2014, which is a week and a half before Photokina 2014 kicks off. We continue to see steep discounts on the original 7D.

There are still several spec rumors floating around for the 7D Mark II (or whatever it will be called) and nothing is really getting trimmed down yet. One solid spec seems to be the EOS 1D X-styled top plate with no Mode dial. Resolution has been rumored between 20-24MP and “advanced” video features have been consistently rumored as well. [Read more...]

Canon 5D Mark III for $2559 – Deal Alert


ebay (via AllNewShop) has the Canon 5D Mark III for $2559 (reg. $3399) in limited quantity and with free shipping. Check it out here on ebay.

Please note: This is probably a grey market camera or it was part of a kit that the seller broke up to sell separately at a discounted price. At the time of this post, ebay seller allnewshop has a 99.5% positive rating on ebay.