Here’s a 187MP Panorama from the Canon 5Ds R


The weather was crappy yesterday but I had to take a shot at heading out to the Smokies for one more look at the fall colors. It’s past peak and the atmosphere was pea soup in most places but I stopped at an overlook and shot a 9 frame panorama with the Canon 5Ds R and EF 16-35mm f/2.8L II USM lens, which you can see above.

The overall file size is 136.5MP for the exported JPEG and is 25,910 x 7,215 pixels (after stitching and cropping) for a whopping 186.94MP image. The stitched panorama Lightroom DNG file is 781.3MB with individual RAW files that make up the panorama weighing in at around 64MB each. Those 50MP files add up quick… [Read more…]


Canon USA Offers 2-Day Sale on Refurb Gear, including 7D Mark II for $999

Canon USA Cyber Monday Deals

Canon USA’s online store is on the early push for Cyber Monday as it has sales planned throughout the month. The first one kicks off today and includes the following deals for Nov. 2-3:

  • $200 OFF the EOS 7D Mark II Body Refurbished – now $999
  • $200 OFF the EOS 7D Mark II 18-135mm IS STM Lens Refurbished – now $1249
  • $30 OFF the EOS T5i 18-55mm STM Lens Kit Refurbished – now $399.99
  • $30 OFF the RFD REBEL T5I 18-55STM +RFD EF-S55-250 IS STM – now $489.98
  • $40 OFF the RFD REBEL T5I 18-55STM +RFD EF-S55-250 IS II – now $439.98
  • $30 OFF the RFD REBEL T5I 18-55STM +RFD EF40/2.8 STM – now $479.98

Check out all of the refurb deals here at the Canon USA store.

Also, Canon USA is offering free shipping on all orders now through December 31, 2015 and refurb products from Canon USA includes a 1 year warranty.

Canon is Working on a Full Frame Mirrorless Camera?


Not that the suggestion of Canon producing a full frame mirrorless camera is revolutionary; however, it is reassuring to hear that one may be in the pipeline. Canon Rumors received a tip¬†from a reliable source that Canon is, in fact, developing a full frame mirrorless camera to be situated alongside its current line of EOS M cameras that feature APS-C format sensors. [Read more…]