Canon 1D X In-Stock Soon?

Canon 1D X

Several sources around the web are reporting that US retailers will be getting their first shipments of the Canon 1D X this week.  While you shouldn’t expect to see 1D X actually in stock this week, this is a good sign that pre-orders will start being fulfilled on this long-delayed camera.

This also means that we’ll start seeing some real-world usage from the 1D X filter onto the web.  It’s been a long time since I first got hands on the 1D X back in October 2011.  I sure didn’t think that it would be nearly nine months later before the camera shipped.

Canon Refurbished Gear 20% Off at Canon Store

Canon 7D

The Canon Store online has 20% OFF Select Refurbished EOS Digital Cameras and Refurbished Lenses with coupon code 20SLR612.

Notable deals with this coupon code include a Canon 7D for $1087 (compare at $1699 new retail) or a Canon 60D w/ 18-135mm kit for $831 (compare at $1299 new retail).  See the full inventory on Canon’s website.

I’ve bought refurbished Canon gear before and wouldn’t hesitate to do it again – especially when savings like this are available.

Canon 7D Firmware Upgrade Due in August… Bigger RAW Buffer, GPS Adapter Compatibility and Manual Audio Levels

Canon 7D

The previously teased firmware update for the Canon 7D is now officially set to be released in August.  The firmware set looks to be a mighty big one with a RAW image burst buffer that now allows 25 consecutive images over the previous 15. [Read more…]

Canon Mirrorless Camera Rumored for July 24 Unveiling

Canon Mirrorless

Rumors of a Canon mirrorless camera are heating up with July 24 being the unveiling date, according to Canon Rumors.

The camera is further rumored to use a different mount than the current EF and EF-S DSLRs.  An increasingly popular theory is that the upcoming mirrorless line of cameras will adopt the Canon G1 X sensor format, which equates to a roughly 1.85x crop factor.  This is larger than both the Nikon 1 Series (at 2.7x) and the Micro Four Thirds standard (at 2x).

Of course, the advantage of an interchangeable lens design over the G1 X would simply provide better lens selection.  My biggest problem with the G1 X is the rather slow aperture on the long end at f/5.8, as well as the minimum focus distance of 4.3 feet.

Nikon’s rather odd 1 Series format doesn’t quite stack up to other mirrorless camera offerings thanks to the much smaller sensor.  However, Panasonic and Olympus are squeezing a lot of goodness out of the smaller Micro Four Thirds sensor and lenses.

In my book, Sony’s NEX line is the mirrorless system to beat.  Sony uses a larger APS-C image sensor and still manages to keep the cameras very compact.  Lenses like the 16mm f/2.8 and Sigma’s excellent 30mm f/2.8 lens let the NEX models compete in the size department with other smaller-format cameras.  And, Sony’s fast autofocus and fluid video capture match or best just about everything else out there.

Let’s see if Canon can step up the game with a solid offering next month (even if it is a little late to the game).