Canon 80D Rumors Continue to Trickle Out


Canon has been pretty consistent with its line of cameras that include the most recent Canon EOS 70D. These cameras are a popular step up from the entry-level Rebel line. And now that the Rebel line has gotten more serious with the Rebel T6s, I would expect to see some more advanced features on the Canon EOS 80D, which is expected to arrive in 2016. [Read more…]

Canon Global Shutter Patent Application


One of the major criticisms of DSLRs, and specifically Canon DSLRs, is the use of a rolling shutter that produces motion artifacts. This rolling shutter effect is very prevalent in video with Canon DSLRs thanks to the readout method of the CMOS image sensors.

It has certainly improved with recent models (the 5D Mark II was a mess and the 5D Mark III is much better) but Canon is continuing to refine the process and reveals some of the methods it is seeking to use in a pair of recent patent applications. [Read more…]

New Canon EF 70-200mm L Lens Rumored

Canon 70-200mm f4

Canon Rumors reports of a tip that Canon is working on a new EF 70-200mm L lens. It would most likely be the aging EF 70-200mm f/4L IS USM model that would get the Mark II update.

No word on when the lens would be coming but sooner rather than later is likely. Canon has a habit of introducing professional lenses in the November-ish time frame, so that wouldn’t be a total shocker to see such a lens then.

Stay tuned.