Project X27: Export Final Cut Pro X Projects to FCP 7

It looks like the folks over at Intelligent Assistance have figured out a way to translate FCP X projects into FCP 7 timelines.  Project X₂7 is a $50 XML translator that takes your FCP X XML file and translates it into something that FCP 7 can understand.  Once in FCP 7, you can then take your project to a number of different applications, including Premiere Pro, which is the gateway to Dynamic Link with After Effects and other Adobe apps.

Project X₂7 looks like a pretty solid plugin that appears to do what is asked of it.  Check out the screenshots below for a comparison of FCP X to FCP 7 projects. [Read more…]

Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs

It’s something to think about all the ways Apple products are woven into photographers’ daily lives.  Sure, we could all get by without a MacBook, Mac Pro, iMac, iPad, iPhone, iPod, Hipstamatic, Aperture, Final Cut, iMovie, iPhoto or any of the other numerous Apple products or apps on those products we use every day.  However, it wouldn’t be near as fun.

One of the better articles I read today was Walt Mossberg’s over at All Things D.  Chase Jarvis also has a funny story with a little food for thought.