Mac Pro Gets Subtle Upgrade; Real Upgrades Coming in 2013

Mac Pro

After Apple’s online store showed some mild upgrades for the Mac Pro yesterday, there was quite the outburst of fury amongst pro users online.  Basically, Apple just changed some processor specs and hit the refresh button on the Mac Pro listing on its website.

All hope is not quite yet lost for the flagship pro box though….

NYT’s David Pogue said that he spoke with an Apple exec and was assured that the Mac Pro and iMac would be getting redesigns for 2013.

That’s quite a ways off for pro users who have been hanging onto their towers for a couple of years now.  Watching Thunderbolt, USB 3.0 and 6Gb/s SATA  channels pass them by is a tough pill to swallow.

[Update: The 2013 Mac Pro upgrade has been confirmed by Apple CEO Tim Cook.]

Apple Announces New MacBook Pros; USB 3.0, Retina Display & SSD Drives in Tow


Next Gen MacBook Pro

Apple has updated its MacBook Pro lineup with new 13-inch and 15-inch models that essentially refresh the pre-existing models while dropping the 17-inch model from the product line.  Additionally, Apple introduced a brand-new 15-inch MacBook Pro model that loses the disc drive, as well as the ethernet port and FireWire 800 port, in favor of a slimmer and lighter overall design. [Read more…]