Action Cam

Canon Vixia Mini X-4

Canon has been trying its hand at some cameras and features lately that are a bit out of left field. The PowerShot N and G1 X cameras come to mind. In the same vein of “different” comes the Canon Vixia Mini X, which debuted at CES 2014 last month. Just looking at the camera, you are left scratching your head about who its intended users are and how it should/could be used. [click to continue…]

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DJI Phantom

B&H has several deals for the DJI Phantom quadcopter with savings up to $490. Check them all out here at B&H Photo.


Panasonic 4K Wearable Cam

Panasonic showed off a 4K wearable action camera concept at CES 2014. However, not much is known about the camera at this point. [click to continue…]


Shane Hurlbut is the cinematographer for the new Need for Speed movie. A couple weeks ago, he had a contest to see who could spot the GoPro footage in the trailer. The contest is over now, but Shane put together an annotated trailer that labels all the cameras and lenses used in the trailer for each and every shot (…and there are a lot of cuts in there).

Need for Speed Trailer

Along with the C500 and Alexa Plus, there are a few shots using the Canon 1D C in obvious tight quarters or crash cam situations. Notably, all the cameras are capable of 4K image capture (and were shooting 4K) even though the film was finished in 2K. However, the 4K frame gives plenty of room for reframes and stabilization, which makes sense when you’re shooting car sequences at 120mph. [click to continue…]

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The Geonaute 360 camera is the first of its kind – a 360° action sports camera. It combines three wide-angle lenses and image sensors for a complete, almost-spherical view of the world around it. [click to continue…]



Optrix is a waterproof and action-oriented case for the iPhone. It offers multiple camera lenses with O-ring seals for use down to 33′. [click to continue…]