Devon Hicks


LowePro sent over their new Transit 350AW Backpack for review, and I’ve spent the past several weeks with the bag. It’s geared as a flexible solution for both urban and nature adventurer, and comes with a price tag of around $120 as of this writing. Let’s break the bag down… [click to continue…]

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DIY Camera Bag

My Vivitar camera backpack has way outlived its shelf life, with ripped dividers and nowhere near enough protection for my gear, and it was time for a replacement. Initial research showed that nearly any of the name brand offerings were out of reach, ranging from $130 for the Think Tank Retrospective Bags, to $300-400 for their rolling cases. While these products are worth every penny typically, my lean budget wasn’t going to accomodate it.

A Cheesycam article perked my interest in creating my own solution out of a padded divider from Calumet, along with a cheap rolling suitcase from a big box store, but those dividers are currently backordered. With the possibility of this sort of solution in mind, I set out to find something similar. [click to continue…]

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