3 Must-Have Engagement Photography Lenses

The following is an excerpt from the Natural Light Couples Photography DVD, a comprehensive workshop on the planning, lighting, posing, and post production for engagement, or couples, photography by SLR Lounge and Lin and Jirsa

There are hundreds of reasons to love engagement sessions, otherwise known as couples photography sessions. Unlike a wedding, which can seem rushed and hectic, with an engagement session you have full control over almost all aspects of the shoot, from the location to the wardrobe to the lighting. This allows you to slow down and truly perfect each shot and each scene.

To properly execute and engagement session, you need to have the necessary tools, from a sufficient camera body to the lighting gear, and of course, a variety of versatile lenses. In the following article, we are going to discuss the must-have lenses for engagement photography. [Read more…]


Three Ways to Change Your Image by Adjusting Exposure


The following is from HDR Photography | A 3 DVD Comprehensive Guide to HDR Photography by SLR Lounge. We cover bracketed HDR, in-camera HDR, single-shot faux HDR, single-shot bracketed HDR, panoramic HDR and more! (more info).

What is a “Stop” of Light?

The concept of a “stop” of light is probably the most important concepts in photography, yet it’s widely misunderstood. In this article, we want to take you back to the basics to help visualize a stop of light and changes in exposure.

A stop of light is not a quantifiable unit of light entering the camera but rather a relative one. Therefore, increasing by one stop doubles the amount of light let into the camera while decreasing by one stop cuts the amount of light in half. [Read more…]

Lightroom 4 Tutorial | Color Correction Rules

As we embark on our new journey through the awesome and powerful software of Adobe Lightroom 4, there are a few basic rules to color correction that we should continue to follow. It’s easy to open a new toy and jump right into playing with it; but there are important steps to take even before importing the photos that will improve your color correction quality and efficiency. [Read more…]

10 Common Compositions in Wedding Photography

The expectations in quality and artistry for wedding photographers have increased over the years with the influx of competition and increase in overall pricing. Not only are they expected to capture each moment and deliver great portraits, but they’re also expected to bring a high level of creativity under time constraints and less-than ideal lighting conditions. Unique, diverse compositions are a cornerstone to delivering work in-line with these high expectations.

The following article goes over common compositions in wedding photography. They should not be thought of in terms of rules, as rules are generally restricting. These compositions should instead be thought of as guides to help you expand your repertoire of shots and serve as a baseline from which you apply your own vision and creativity. [Read more…]