Hands-on: Canon G11, SX120 IS, SX20 IS, and S980


While we were hoping to finally see the new Canon DSLR cameras, we were treated to a slew of new point-and-shoots that target specific camera users and that each show off uniqueness and individuality. The rundown includes the G11, SX20, SX110, S980 and S940. Though my hands-on time with each was very brief, here are my experiences.

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Hands-on: Canon S90


The Canon S90 is a new tempting point-and-shoot even for a pro shooter like myself (as well as other journalists.) The camera was announced today by Canon during a press event at the Museum of Natural History today in NYC. This camera is targeted towards professionals and enthusiasts that want a compact camera of some sort that can deliver better image quality than most of the other point-and-shoots out there. Granted, the camera seems to be able to deliver so far on the promise.

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Great Telephoto Zoom Lenses

Sigma 200-500mm f/2.8

Now that you’ve read about 50mm lenses, lenses to help you learn and how camera lenses are made, the time has come to check out what telephoto lenses are possibly best for your system. Every photographer should have at least one just in the case the situation arises where you need a longer piece of glass to get that shot. Of course, some systems do telephoto zooming better than others. If you want to switch from one system to another system you’ll learn that some systems may give you the actual results you want in a different package. As a paparazzo in training, I’m learning this first hand.

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Tips to Shoot Awesome Portraits

We all do portraits.  It’s something that we learn how to do when we are first trained as photographers. Sometimes though, many portraits look the same after a while. Therefore they become boring to look at unless you find a way to make them fun and different than anyone else. Here are some tips to shoot that awesome portrait.

Break the Rule of Thirds

Christine on the floor

This rule is so extremely essential to creating interesting portraits. The rule of thirds is how us photographers are taught to compose our shots in order to make them effective and pleasing to the eye. If you’d like a more interesting shot, try messing with the way your viewer will look at the shot. In the above shot, she is totally off the rule of thirds. It shows her being relaxed, happy and totally serene/confident with herself. If you set up the rule of thirds composition lines on this shot you’d see that it doesn’t exactly meet the standards. On top of that, you’ve got the lines going horizontally as well as her arms and body going in the same direction. Slap on a black and white filter and you make this one really cool shot. [Read more…]

Lenses and Gear for Shooting Events


Some of us that read this blog make a living or some extra income from shooting events. These events require specific tools: such as good, fast lenses at certain focal lengths. Today I received a question from someone that wants to go into event photography but wants to know what type of gear to get.

Hey Chris,

I’ve got a Canon 40D now and friends, people I meet and family are all asking me to shoot their events. They want anything from their parties, bbqs, baby christenings, etc. What equipment should I look into? Should I stay with my 28-135mm kit lens? Will I need a flash? I don’t want to spend too much money either.


First off Mike, congratulations: while the fact that you have a nice big camera will encourage everyone around you to constantly bother you about taking their photos and then uploading them on Facebook and other sharing sites, you should be able to make some sort of profit from it all. There are a couple of factors and things that you need to keep in mind before going out there and shooting on top of buying equipment. [Read more…]