The Digital M – LEICA M8

The Digital M – [LEICA M8 Silver]

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Shutterbug tested the new 10-megapixel Leica M8 in the April issue of the mag.

While no digital camera can expect to be pre-eminent for decades at a time like the 35mm M Leicas, and the M8 will inevitably be surpassed in five years by the Leica M9 with more megapixels and even better image quality, the Leica M8 is about as good as it can be given the current state of digital imaging technology.

Head on over to get all the goods on this long-awaited and pricey digital rangefinder.

Camera Tossing

Camera Tossing (3 of 3)

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I’ve been reading the Camera Toss Blog for some time now and admiring all the great abstracts that camera tossing produces. Until last night, I hadn’t tried it myself.

I was more than pleased with my first effort (above) at camera tossing. What’s more, it’s addictive like crack! Seriously, I blew through half an hour just getting warmed up.

It’s easier than it might look. Be warned though, you should take a browse through the beginner’s guide and Mini How-to over at the Camera Toss Blog (take note on the disclaimers stating that you can break your camera) before jumping full throttle into camera tossing.

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Now, go take some great photos this weekend!

The Future of Digital Cameras

We fuss about sensor size – oh, I like the 1.6 crop factor because it gives me a longer focal length; or, oh, I want a full frame camera because I get a wider angle. We (including yours truly) nit-pick the features of digital cameras apart before they’re even release. We fantasize about the next cameras that Canon or Nikon are going to release (especially yours truly – *cough Canon 40D, *cough Nikon D3). If this rings a bell then you truly need to take a look at some technology that could revolutionize the way we think about image capture; something that could far surpass the capabilities and quality of film (I understand some of you believe we have already arrived and film lovers should just let go).

Ease on over and check out the Light-Field camera if you’ve never heard of it. It’s like HDR on steroids and being chased by flaming ninjas that are all in-focus. Oh yeah, and I want one.