Nikon D3 . . . June 26?

Engadget is reporting that they were contacted after the onslaught of rumors appeared on the web by a “photo editor at a major newspaper” with some inside info on the Nikon D3 (or whatever it will be called), state that:

[he] has tipped us on a phone call he received from Nikon in which his presence was requested at a meeting where a “new professional camera that is leaps and bounds better than anything Canon is offering” would be showcased.

Those are some pretty big words coming from a source that is presumably more reliable that what we’ve seen in the forums over the past few months.  I guess will know in a little less than two weeks.

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Nikon Reps and the Nikon D3 . . . the Plot Thickens

Yet another forum poster, Jeffrey Anderson, has revealed more info on the Nikon D3 today.  Apparently, he was in a Ritz Camera store in Studio City when a Nikon Rep was discussing the future almost-full-frame sensor.  His account:

I spoke to the representative and asked him when we could expect the announcement and he said about 45 days. 

What I heard was that Nikon has 1.0 and 1.1 in testing.

We’ll see.

When pressed for details on the issue, the poster revealed more:

Studio City, Ritz Camera, Don’t know his name, black hair

I’m only conveying what others have heard reps or supposed reps say at the camera stores. I overheard him talking to the salesmen and then entered the conversation.

A salesman asked why 1.1 and the rep said it was because of light fall off, edge softness, etc.

And perhaps some of the most sensible info was posted in response to Mr. Anderson’s rumor:

if Nikon knew who this person is, they’d fire them. Nikon does not “leak” information through “reps” … they only announce information when they have something REAL to move into stores.

as a matter of fact, they dump different information to different groups, and when erroneous announcements are leaking, the know where it came from.

do people REALLY think Nikon allows pre-sale information to be leaked through some rep?

Interesting?  Yes.  Groundbreaking?  No.  Let’s not get ahead of ourselves, lest we go overboard like we did with the Jim Seaholm rumor from PMA.

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Nikon D300 Coming Too?

We’ve all been busy with the Nikon D3, or whatever it’ll be called. A forum poster is throwing around some Nikon D300 rumors now:

I believe [the Nikon] D300 will be there sooner than some might think. Got the info trough the shop I often buy from…

A weak rumor, but a rumor nonetheless. We’ll see if the D300 starts to heat up the rumor mill in the near future…

For now, see more dirt here.

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5 Reasons the Canon 40D Might Be a 50D


All the buzz is about the Canon “40D” but it just might be a 50D instead. Here’s why:

1. Canon doesn’t like 4′s. Case in point the new Canon S5 IS. Canon jumped from the S3 IS to the S5 IS. What happened to the S4 IS? Canon isn’t the only one; Fuji went from the S3 to the S5 with now S4 in between. What gives?!

2. It would get confused with the Nikon D40 and D40x. Canon and Nikon’s model numbers are confusing enough with D30, D60, 10D, 40D, 50D and everything else in between. Why do Canon and Nikon have to confuse us so?!

3. Canon wants to be sneaky. Remember the introduction of the 1D Mk III? It was a bit of a shocker because Canon Hong Kong had supposedly slipped up and posted a placemarker on its site for the 40D. They were indulging the rumor mill to keep the 1D Mk III under the radar.

4. The 5D needs a little brother. Could this be the push to full frame in the prosumer and up Canon models? I dunno. How about splitting the 5D with a higher-end 3D and a lower prosumer-level 50D?

5. The 40D has been rumored for so long, that Canon will just skip that model altogether and go right to the 50D.

Please note that this post is blatant speculation with a little bit of fun mixed in.

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Pentax “Knows” About Nikon’s D3

As you probably know by now, there’s been a rumor explosion over the past few days on the Nikon D3. Unfortunately, the rumors being reported as “hot” have been around for a couple of weeks and up to a month or so in some cases. Just check Google News for nikon d3 to see a sample, let alone the blog searches.

The one new nugget of info in all of this comes from PentaxLife. A poster in the forums section, Benjamin Kanarek, had this to say:

It seems that the “Rumors” about an 18.7 mega pixel Nikon with a 1.1 sensor seem to be known to the people at Pentax. When I brought up the new Nikon they weren’t at all surprised and said “Yes, a 1.1 sensor of 18.7 mega pixels…”

Take it for what ever that is worth. The implications could be interesting.


That’s the only thing that’s truly new in all that I’ve seen on the blog and news wires over the past several days. As always, I’ll keep you posted when something new hits the fan.

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