Massive Drone Roundup from CES 2015


Every year at CES, something sticks out as just an over-the-top technology that seemingly everyone is pushing. A few years back, it was 3D TV. Last year, it was 4K TV and wearables. At CES 2015, there is a good case to be made that the drone is the thing.

Every corner I turned on the show floor, it seemed like I cam across a new drone from a new company. There are so many drone companies with new drones that CES even set aside an Unmanned Systems section on the massive show floor.

Unmanned Systems at CES 2015

I’ll look more closely at a few of the drones in upcoming posts here at Photography Bay. For now though, this roundup should give you an idea of just how crazy the drone market is about to be.

What follows is every drone I could find at CES. Unfortunately, there are so many tucked away in various corners of the show that I have surely missed some. [Read more...]